Who will be the 2022-23 MVP? The editorial team has decided, and she speaks Slovenian

A start to the season is excitement, but sometimes also money placed on a foal that attracts us. Real money for those who can and who want, or simple predictions between friends or family, just to hear your mother talk about the son of Joakim Noah and Magic Jordan. In any case, this 2022-23 season is no exception to the rule and we therefore decided to reflect on a few existential questions for 30 seconds. One of them ? Who will be the Most Valuable Player this year, the MVP, in other words the best player in the League to make it short and simple. Send the reviews, screen me this and we’ll come out in June, probably with huge bars of laughter.

Nico M.

Luka Doncic. As every year, the competition will be hardcore for the title of MVP. Giannis, Jokic, Embiid… in short, there’s a lot of people. But I can see Luka Magic finishing with the trophy in his hands. No ignition delay this time, the Slovenian phenomenon has learned the lesson and should chain the cards as well as the triple-doubles from the start of the 2022-23 campaign. Less well surrounded than other candidates, Luka will still take the Mavericks to the heights of the Wild Wild West with a minimum of 50 wins, and will thus represent the perfect definition of the term “valuable”. After Antetokounmpo twice and the double of the Joker, the MVP will therefore remain a European trophy for at least another year.


Ousmane Dieng. I can already see your inquisitive, passive-aggressive smiles, but as a basketball expert for over 25 years I feel legit anyway so put away your harsh remarks. Ousmane Dieng will be MVP this season for several reasons. First of all, why tank for Victor Wembanyama when you have Aleksej Pokusevski, I ask you. To everyone’s surprise, the Thunder will therefore have 60 wins this season, it helps in an MVP file. Next ? You know it as well as me, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander will not make it through the fall and will join either the Raptors or the infirmary, while Josh Giddey is an aesthete and he prefers to shoot 16 points and 17 assists rather than shoot the cover to him. What leaves us? Well, good old Ousmane with 31 points on average at 58% in shooting, the native of where he was born having even managed the feat of making the 8 p.m. newspaper talk about Eurostep. A French MVP you dreamed of, who said France needed Joel Embiid.

Besides, he’s my real favorite, Joel Embiid.

Alex T

Luka Doncic. Always well placed but never a winner, Luka Doncic will be at the top of the pyramid this season for the MVP. Unlike a lot of his competitors, the “Don” does not have an All-Star to assist him every night on the field. A little more complicated under these conditions to win matches but level stats Doncic can blacken the sheet at will. The departure of Jalen Brunson, his main lieutenant, risks forcing him to give even more. We could see this summer with Slovenia that blazing solo was not a concern for him. I’m betting on a Luka who averages 30-31 points and leads the Mavs to fourth place in the West. He will end the season on the kneecaps but he will have well deserved his big trophy the little father.


Luka Doncic. Already last year, I had bet on him, and we will start again this year, because the Slovenian comes out of a disappointing EuroBasket and because he is above all even stronger than yesterday and even weaker than tomorrow. We’re talking about a guy who can comfortably run a triple-double average over a season, while sending himself pints of Lasko and mojito-flavored chichas all summer long. Thirsty for revenge and eager to confirm the 2022 conference finals, Luka Doncic will activate the Kevin De Bruyne mode, that is to say that he will turn all pink and smile like a kid with each good deed, it is in these times when it is most dangerous. Plus, he doesn’t really have an All-Star teammate, and a huge chunk of the Mavs’ responsibilities will be on his plump shoulders. So ok, pay for your originality, but at some point, let’s be pragmatic. Luka goes all PETETE as Gambi would say.


Luka Doncic. Second time in a row that I propel the chubby Ljubljana headliner, first time that he will not do it to me upside down. He and Ja Morant are the only MVP contenders to go without All-Star-caliber boys by their side: simplistic thinking but verified, so stat production will be reserved for them. We say well “All-Star caliber” huh, because neither Jamal Murray nor Michael Porter Jr. have ever worn the starry jersey. However, their presence around Nikola Jokic is not that of simple role players. Let’s go back to our Slovenian: in view of a regular season for the Mavericks ending in the Top 4 in the West, and a start for Luka Doncic less uphill than in previous years – which highlighted the character ” well living “ from his summer vacation – take out the pajamas and go to bed, Luka Doncic has already won.

Nico V

Luka Doncic. The hour of the first coronation has come for the blond head of the Balkans. Finally sounded, must also be said that he may not have much choice either if he wants to keep the Mavericks at least as high as they were last season. Deprived of Jalen Brunson – a guy not so bad at basketball casually – Lulu will have to inflate his stats significantly for the Texas machine to continue to run properly. Little bonus to help him tickle the individual grail? He has no real scoring competition with the Mavericks. Not that we have a particular problem with Spencer Dinwiddie, but his evenings are as fluctuating as the price of the NFTs in which he slammed all his tunes. It’s served on a platter as the other would say, so we’ll have to take on the few summer HK jails from the start of the school year.


Joel Embid. It’s nice to lose the title of MVP twice in a row against Jokic, but it’s starting to do well. This year will be the good one for the Franco-American-Cameroonian who, without injury, will once again roll on the League and on the defenses put in place against him. At 28, Jojo is in the form of his life and with a Harden in caviar distributor mode and master of pick and roll, he will be able to enjoy himself and send his 30 points per match easy. A good placement in the Eastern Conference and we left, when the fate will finally work in his favor after two years of “disappointment” at the time of the announcement of the winner. We imagine that he has it bad and that a feeling of revenge has taken hold of him, even if the primary objective for him must be to win matches. James Harden will get back on the right track but that doesn’t mean he will take up too much space. On the contrary, he knows who owns the team and who to spin the bloat.


Luka Doncic. We don’t really need to introduce the kid, who will be entering his fourth NBA season and has been a superstar since the first. Last year it’s 28 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists, all while playing in the shadow of the great Jalen Brunson. But this one gone, Luka will be able to see the light and above all, will have no other choice but to turn to 30 pawns each evening if he wants his team to win. He will therefore further raise his level of play, as if it were easy, pull his team to a third place in the West, and the Jokić (who finds Jamal Murray) and other Embiid (who has the best supporting cast in the League) will no longer be able to follow, because too much help. Luka Doncić will be MVP, it only remains to hope that Devin Booker gives him the trophy.


Giannis Antetokounmpo. Nikola Jokic has just scored a double in the nose and beard of the Greek who sees the trophy pass under his nose once again. We already feel the tension rising in the beast. So if on top of that we add the loss of the NBA title and a Eurobasket without charm, we get a Giannis Antetokounmpo that it is better not to meet on a field. I’m not going to repeat a speech on Giannis’ monstrous physical abilities and his mind-blowing stats. But it is he who will dominate his whole world by launching his dunks from the parking lot. An area where it will also crack down more and more this season. Confident with his shot, still just as strong in penetration… In short, Giannis cuvée 2022-23, it’s great vintage, it can be tasted and it certainly can’t be put in the fridge. Slovenian, Serbian, it doesn’t matter, the Greek will walk on everyone with his companion deer. To spend a great holiday in Mykonos, nothing beats betting on Antetokounmpo MVP. Be careful to check the first name before mortgaging your house anyway.

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Who will be the 2022-23 MVP? The editorial team has decided, and she speaks Slovenian