Will Luka Doncic be present for the opening of the Playoffs?

We are getting closer and closer to the purest definition of the word “bad luck”. Released on injury while playing the final regular season game with the Mavericks, Luka Doncic is officially injured in the left calf after the relentless passage to the MRI. No return date yet communicated, one week before the start of the Playoffs, terrible timing for Dallas.

How hard! Luka Doncić, who had an MRI last night, is badly injured in the calf, according to Tim MacMahon, NBA insider at ESPN. No more information currently on the exact nature of the injury, which can go from a simple muscle micro-lesion requiring a few days of rest, to a contracture or a tear, going deeper into the muscle fiber, which would put the Slovenian magician on the sidelines for several weeks. Unfortunately, it’s time that the Mavs will sorely miss, since the Playoffs will begin on Saturday for the Texans and it will take all the strength of the team to enforce the hierarchy against the Jazz. Alas, the leader is currently suspended from the verdict of the medical staff, and that’s the total lose. Jason Kidd will speak to the media today according to Marc Stein, and should certainly bring some fresh news, so we will be very attentive.

Now, we must also ask ourselves the question: why, but why on earth did Luka play in a match like this? All the technical staff with big players under their orders (Giannis Antetokounmpo, Joel Embiid) have decided to rest them precisely to avoid an injury that would mess up the chances of these teams for the Playoffs. The Mavericks were fourth in the West this Sunday, and could only recover third place in the event of a defeat by the Warriors, who moved to the Pelicans already in the lead in the play-in. Brandon Ingram was an example on the bench, in short everything was there for Golden State to take without forcing the victory. These elements in our possession, what interest for the Mavericks to send everyone in a match which would not have changed their situation in the classification? Well, it’s risking an injury to an important player, and that’s bingo.

Dallas knew the risks, and Jason Kidd decided to take them, at the risk of paying a high price. We are now waiting for news from the medical staff of the Unicorns, but without looking, the current trend is not really news that will give us a smile.

Text source: Twitter @espn_macmahon / Twitter @TheSteinLine

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Will Luka Doncic be present for the opening of the Playoffs?