WONDER – w/ Sweet Juju, Trudge, G.ear b2b Laze & Tremplin DJ Le Chapiteau, December 3, 2022, Marseille.

WONDER – w/ Sweet Juju, Trudge, G.ear b2b Laze & Tremplin DJ Saturday, December 3, 8:00 p.m. Le Chapiteau
From 0 to 10€

Le Chapiteau 38 Traverse Notre Dame de Bon Secours, 13003 Marseille Marseille 3rd Arrondissement Marseille 13003 Bouches-du-Rhône Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur[“link”:“https://tinyurlcom/4w9t7763”{“data”:{“author”:”SweetJuju””cache_age”:86400″description”:”DJ(u3065uff61u25d5u203fu203fu25d5uff61)u3065@ola_radioresident1/3@handlethesoundbooking/promos/inquiries>djsweetjuju@gmailcom*Shows*2022151022–MetaNightwithmmmmmmalakVazyJulieandSweetJujuMetaphoreCo”“type”:“rich”“title”:“SweetJuju”“thumbnail_url”:“https://i1sndcdncom/avatars-6sMR42zfzptk1lG4-M7ie1Q-t500x500jpg””version”:”10″”url”:”https://soundcloudcom/sweetjuju001″”thumbnail_height”:500″author_url”:”https://soundcloudcom/sweetjuju001″”thumbnail_width”:500″options”:”_horizontal”:”label”:”Slimmerhorizontalplayer””value”:false”_hide_comments”:”label”:”Hidetimedcomments””value”:false”_height”:”values”:”0″:”LetIframelyoptimizeplayerfortheartwork””300″:”300px””400″:”400px””450″:”450px””600″:”600px””label”:”Adjustheight””value”:450″html”:”[« link »:« https://tinyurlcom/4w9t7763 »{« data »:{« author »:« SweetJuju »« cache_age »:86400« description »:« DJ(u3065uff61u25d5u203fu203fu25d5uff61)u3065@ola_radioresident1/3@handlethesoundbooking/promos/inquiries>djsweetjuju@gmailcom*Shows*2022151022–MetaNightwithmmmmmmalakVazyJulieandSweetJujuMetaphoreCo »« type »:« rich »« title »:« SweetJuju »« thumbnail_url »:« https://i1sndcdncom/avatars-6sMR42zfzptk1lG4-M7ie1Q-t500x500jpg »« version »:« 10 »« url »:« https://soundcloudcom/sweetjuju001 »« thumbnail_height »:500« author_url »:« https://soundcloudcom/sweetjuju001 »« thumbnail_width »:500« options »:« _horizontal »:« label »:« Slimmerhorizontalplayer »« value »:false« _hide_comments »:« label »:« Hidetimedcomments »« value »:false« _height »:« values »:« 0 »:« LetIframelyoptimizeplayerfortheartwork »« 300 »:« 300px »« 400 »:« 400px »« 450 »:« 450px »« 600 »:« 600px »« label »:« Adjustheight »« value »:450« html »:«


It’s time for you to enter the gates of wonderland! Leave Alice behind if she’s not in the mood to party, tell Tweedledee you prefer Tweedledum’s elbow raise, tell the Cheshire Cat that Matière Prod is waiting for him behind the turntables and come tap your feet with the Mad Hatter… WELCOME TO WONDERLAND!


✨ SWEET JUJU (Break, Shatta, Baile)

✨ TRUDGE – live (Emo techno, Rave)

✨ G.EAR b2b LAZE (Breakbeat, Jungle, Fast Groove)

Trying your luck !

8:00 p.m.: Doors open
9:30 p.m.: Beginning of the DJ sets
3:30 a.m.: End of DJ sets
04:00: We say goodbye

TICKETING : https://tinyurl.com/4w9t7763

BEFORE 9 PM: FREE (upon reservation)
BEFORE 11 p.m.: 5th + rental fees
AT ANY TIME: 10e + rental costs
ON SITE: 10th
⚠️ LATE ATTENDANTS: if you take a place before 9 p.m. or 11 p.m. and arrive after the requested time, you will have to pay the differential with the price on site.
☝️ The free places are above all intended for people in a precarious situation: be cool, give them up if you can afford to take another price!


We take care of each other
➡ The music stops at 03:30 am and we avoid the noise by leaving the place so as not to disturb the neighbors: we are waiting for you so we fire from the first hour!
➡ Any oppressive behavior (aggression, harassment, inappropriate words and gestures…), whether sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, grossophobic, validist (…) is banned from the Big Top. The Chapiteau reserves the right to refuse anyone with oppressive and/or discriminatory behavior.
➡ The team is at your disposal if you experience any type of aggression / harassment or feel uncomfortable with the behavior of a person present on our premises. If this happens, do not hesitate to contact our prevention officer at reception or contact our safe hotline: +33 7 51 17 93 32.

☮️ PEACE LOVE and MUSIC!! In respect, in joy, in music!!

► Plastic reduction policy + recycling + composting
► Pizzas, tapas and homemade treats
► The 1st BAR – ORGANIC, LOCAL and at low prices in Marseille

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