Zendaya, André 3000… discover the Super Bowl commercials

As every year, Super Bowl advertisements will be carefully scrutinized. Back to (all) the spots that will be broadcast this February 13 during the final of the American football championship…

This Sunday, February 13, Super Bowl LVI will take place, which will see the Los Angeles Rams face off against the Cincinnati Bengals for the final of the American football championship (NFL). A highly anticipated event around the world which will be punctuated by a concert that will certainly be an anthology during which US legends will perform: Dr. Dre, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Mary J. Blige and Snoop Dogg, and even perhaps a few guests since rumors point to the presence of 50 cent. Incidentally, the Doggfather explained that this opportunity was akin to “a dream come true”, he who also confided that he was eager to share the stage with his comrades. However, he will not allow himself to be overwhelmed by the pressure, despite the importance of the event: “When I perform, I never let stress get the better of me”. Equally proud to be part of this great celebration, Mary J. described this future concert as “most epic thing in music, hip hop and r&b history”. She adds : “I watched the rehearsals – watching each person’s performance, I got goosebumps….”! This Thursday, February 10, Dr. Dre, Snoop and Mary J. participated in a press conference for the Super Bowl, and they indulged in some confidences: they will avoid a new Nipplegate!

Super Bowl LVI – The press conference with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Mary J. Blige :

Dr. Dre on the Super Bowl: ‘I had to convince Snoop and Eminem not to pull out their penises’ [Vidéo]

Back to the Super Bowl ads

Of course, since it is one of the most watched events in the whole country (96.4 million viewers in 2021) and in the world, the Super Bowl sells its advertisements at gold prices. And, each company that pays for a spot, is always creative to mark the public by offering ever crazier ads. According to CNBC, the price of 30 seconds of advertising for the Super Bowl 2022 could reach 6.5 million dollars, without counting the cost of producing a spot… Here is a small summary of some of them, highlighting scene of personalities and rappers. Among them, one, made by the Squarespace website creator, gives us to see Zendaya in the role of a seller of shells and André 3000, leader of OutKast, in that of a storyteller. For his part, Will Smith is the star of a promotional advertisement for the series Bel Airdirectly inspired by the classic Prince of Bel Air, a program that made him famous. And, for the occasion, the actor (and rapper) gave him a hell of a wink by rapping the song from the credits, accompanied by many Internet users who film themselves playing the tunes of the piece with different instruments… Note that if Snoop Dogg will be on stage for the Super Bowl, he will also be the main actor in an ad for the Bic brand of pens, alongside Martha Stewart. By the 50-year-old rapper and 80-year-old actress will host the Puppy Bowl (event dedicated to dogs) which takes place on the sidelines of the NFL final.

Squarespace :

Bel-Air :

bic :

Schwarzy and Salma Hayek for BMW

BMW has also trusted 2 legends of the 7th Art, Salma Hayek and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who respectively embody the roles of Hera and Zeus. This humorous advertisement tells how, thanks to the all-electric BMW iX, the supreme god of the Greek mythologist managed to regain all of his powers. Jumble, also find other ads for Amazon, Avocas From Mexico, Bud Light Hard Seltzer Hard Soda, Bud Light NEXT, Budweiser, Carvana, Doritos/Cheetos Flamin’ Hot, Expedia, General Motors, Google, Greenlight, Irish Spring , Kia, Lay’s, Meta for Meta Quest, Michelob ULTRA, Nissan, Planet Fitness, Pringles, Rakuten, Salesforce, Sam’s Club, Taco Bell, Toyota, Turbo Tax, Wallbox or even WeatherTech… Finally Idris Elba, recently seen in the series Concrete Cowboy on Netflix, was chosen by the site Booking.com to embody his new campaign.


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Zendaya, André 3000… discover the Super Bowl commercials