Marvel Saved From Golden Globes Exclusion By Main WandaVision Stars

After so much potential on the Emmy nominations list, Marvel failed to secure the nominations they might have hoped for after their first year on Disney + and the number of high profile movie releases. However, when the Golden Globe nominations were announced, it was only once again thanks to the main cast of WandaVision that Marvel found itself in contention to try and grab something from the high-level event. In the categories covering limited TV series, it was up to Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany to save the day with their nominations in the Best Actress and Best Actor categories respectively, although this time Kathryn Hahn did not join them in her role as an actress. Support. VIDEO OF THE DAY

Expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Disney + seemed like a great way for Marvel to gain a foothold in a number of awards ceremonies they had previously been excluded from due to a lack of made-for-TV content. With WandaVision, the Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki, Disney and Marvel probably thought they would have a good shout out among the nominations when some of the biggest TV nights unfold. While not all shows were eligible for nominations, with Loki arrive too late for a shot at Emmy’s this year, WandaVision was the only Marvel deal to make the shortlist, thanks to its main stars.

While the show was nominated for a number of Primetime Emmy’s, they walked away with just a few Creative Emmy Awards for their technical accomplishments, and one for the song. Agatha all along, which was arguably one of the most unexpected nominations collected by the show. When it comes to acting awards, all of the nominations came to naught which was a huge disappointment for Marvel, but perhaps not entirely unexpected as Marvel never had the best of luck. when it comes to winning major category awards when it comes to their films.

This time around, Olsen finds himself facing Kate Winslet again for her role in Easttown mare, as well as Jessica Chastain, Cynthia Erivo and Margaret Qualley, while Bettany will face other Marvel stars in Oscar Isaac for her role in Scenes from a wedding and Michael Keaton for dopestick, as well as Ewan McGregor and Tahar Raheem completing the nominations. Among the nominations, Winslet and McGregor will look to continue their Emmy wins with the same Golden Globes result, and there won’t be many who would bet against them to win the awards again this time around.

The Golden Globes will be held on January 9, 2022, but it has not yet been decided whether the event will be televised. After being hit by complaints about a lack of diversity within its voting body, which led many studios, including Netflix, WarnerMedia and Amazon, to threaten to boycott prices and NBC to refuse to broadcast the ceremony. 21 new members have been added to its voting body in response to increase diversity among voters, but it remains to be seen whether the event is televised or not. You can find a list of all nominations for this year’s Golden Globes on the official website.

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Marvel Saved From Golden Globes Exclusion By Main WandaVision Stars