Sex and The City Creator Explains Death Of [SPOILER], Omar Sy nominated for the Golden Globes and the return of Un, Dos, Tres … The news series!

Un, Dos, Tres, the cult series of the 2000s, will make a comeback on our screens!

Broadcast in France from 2004, the series Un, Dos, Tres has established itself as one of the most legendary programs of the decade. For those who have forgotten it, it is the story of twenty young people who enter the best performing arts school, the Carmen Arranz Academy. There they will have to perfect their talents for dance, music and theater, and become professional performing artists. Led by Lola, Silvia, Roberto, Pedro, Ingrid, Jeronimo, Marta and the others, they will form a troupe of accomplished artists and live very intense adventures. Broadcast on M6 then on other channels of the group since its launch, the Spanish television series is divided into 130 episodes of 50 minutes lasting more than six seasons. Suffice to say that the fans will have had time to follow the hectic adventures of the main characters!

Almost twenty years later, Un, Dos, Tres will make its big comeback in 2022! Indeed, the streaming platform Atresplayer Premium, a service offered in Spain, announced in recent days that a sequel was in preparation. It should be called UPA Next. While the information on the casting still remains a mystery, we already know that some alumni will return to the program like Beatriz Luengo and Mónica Cruz – Penelope’s sister – who broadcast the images of the reboot on their Instagram account. “How I looked forward to sharing this great news with all of you!” said the latter about the news which seems to delight her. Note all the same that no press release concerning a possible broadcast in France has been formalized for the moment.

And Just Like That: Series Creator Explains Tragic Death Of [SPOILER] !

The ambition of this reboot? “We didn’t try to say, ‘Look, they’re more mature, smarter,” Sarah Jessica Parker told The New York Times at the time of the promotion. On the contrary, it is their life and their friendships, even more complicated, that are told in this renaissance project. While Charlotte still seems to thrive as a stay-at-home mom, Miranda quit her job to go back to school. More committed than ever, the working woman seems a little overwhelmed by the right attitude to have in the fight. As for Carrie, writing has now given way to podcasts and her romance with Mr. Big has never been so serene. At least, before the latter’s death, which occurs at the end of the first episode. For the spectators, the shock is terrible. In memory of fans, we had never experienced such a twist in Sex and The City, the original series. It will therefore have taken less than an hour to bring us down immediately from our little cloud and bring us back to the harsh reality of life. The one where Carrie, now a widow, is about to start a new chapter in her life. Maybe even the hardest part.

This very daring choice of scenario, Michael Patrick King, the showrunner of the series, recently explained during a truth interview. “Frankly, I wouldn’t have come back if I hadn’t had a very strong urge to explore this kind of strong idea: is it better to have loved and lost this love than to never have loved at all? Especially for this character who spent all his time looking for love “he confides to Entertainment Weekly magazine before explaining his choice in more detail:” I also felt comfortable because DNA is the Even. People forget that Carrie wasn’t actually with Big on the show. She was briefly – a minute or two. And she’s not with Big today either. It’s just a circumstance. different. It’s more radical “. Words that should convince some even if we doubt that everyone digests this death of one of the most emblematic characters of the series. “I don’t want to depress anyone… As the series will get lighter,” the director concludes about the return of his legendary series.

Omar Sy, Marion Cotillard … The French in force for the 2022 Golden Globes nominations!

Let’s go ! From the start of 2022, the major American ceremonies will be held in Hollywood. Among the latter, we find the famous Golden Globes, whose nominations have just been announced this Monday, December 13. While there are the big names in English-speaking cinema and series, a few French people stand out and are also among the nominees of this year. Already rewarded in 2008 for her role in La Môme, Marion Cotillard is making her comeback and will compete for the title of best actress in a comedy or a musical for her interpretation in Leos Carax’s latest film, Annette. A feature film in which we could also see Angèle.

To accompany him, Omar Sy was also nominated in the category of best actor thanks to his role in the series Lupine. Having become one of Netflix’s most viewed programs, the series propelled the French actor to the rank of a world star. A third part is also expected in the coming months. The actor thanked everyone for this honor (see below). Another highlight of the video-on-demand platform? The Snake mini-series. Worn by Tahar Rahim, the show has also made a lot of talk. It has now earned its lead actor a nomination for Best Actor in a Best Miniseries. Finally, the French composer Alexandre Desplat is also in the competition for the soundtrack of The French Dispatch, by Wes Anderson.

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Sex and The City Creator Explains Death Of [SPOILER], Omar Sy nominated for the Golden Globes and the return of Un, Dos, Tres … The news series!