Snoop Dog mispronounces Ben Affleck’s name on Golden Globe names announcement E! News UK

The “Nuthin ‘But AG Thang” rapper pointed out the wrong syllable when announcing that the “Argo” actor was nominated for a Golden Globe.

No one is perfect, not even Snoop dogg. The 50-year-old rapper blundered as he announced the nominees for Best Supporting Actor for the 79th Annual Golden Globe Awards on Monday, December 13. While mentioning that Ben affleck received a nomination for his role in The tender bar, he appeared to have misread the 49-year-old star’s name and pronounced her last name “a-fleck”, rather than the way it is normally pronounced.

Snoop quickly realized his mistake and laughed at it. The audience laughed at his immediate self-correction and the rapper apologized to the star. “Ben Affleck. My fault. Sorry for that Ben! he said. Ben wasn’t the only name Snoop fumbled with. The rapper also got the bad pronunciation for Dune director Denis Villeneuve, who is a French-Canadian author. He pronounced it like his spelling rather than with the French-Canadian accent, giving the director’s name a Spanish-sounding pronunciation. The rapper also struggled with Ciarán Hinds (who is also nominated for Supporting Actor for his performance in Belfast). Even though he understood his mistake, his correction was also wrong. – Courage, no, Karen Hinds. Belfast. Work with me now, ”he said. He also seemed to have issues with Kenneth Branagh, by announcing that the Irish director was nominated for Best Director. He paused between his first and last name, but finally succeeded!

Snoop isn’t the first person to ever forge a name at an awards show or awards ceremony (remember that of John Travolta “Adèle Dazeem” for Idina Menzel?). Brad pitt made a small pronunciation error when announcing Borat Post Moviefilm Star Maria bakalova at the 2021 Oscars in April. When he took her on stage, he accidentally called her “Maria Bakalava”. A small mistake, but fans on the internet have noticed it anyway!

Snoop Dogg hilariously said Ben Affleck’s name the wrong way when announcing the actor’s Golden Globe nomination. (Billy Bennight / AdMedia / Marco Piovanotto / ABACAPRESS / SplashNews)

You can’t fault Snoop so much for the little mistakes! They appeared to be honest little hiccups, in an otherwise terrific announcement from all of the nominees. The rapper has certainly been busy lately. In September, he was announced as one of the rappers performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show in February.

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Snoop Dog mispronounces Ben Affleck’s name on Golden Globe names announcement E! News UK