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At the 77th Golden Globes, this January 5, the actress honored for her role in the series Fosse / Verdon delivered a very strong speech on the right to abortion.

“I am so grateful to live in a society where there is choice, because as a woman or a girl things can happen to our bodies without our having decided.” Sacred Best Supporting Actress for the Series Fosse / Verdon, Michelle Williams took to the Golden Globes stage this January 5 and took the opportunity to talk about women’s rights. “I wouldn’t have come to this if I hadn’t used my right to choose, to choose when I have children, to choose with whom ”, she then explained.

“When it’s time to vote”

Remember that in the United States, several states have adopted increasingly restrictive laws concerning access to abortion and that many clinics practicing it have already closed their doors. A report published in June 2019 by Amnesty International warned in particular against “These new laws (which) will lead to disaster when it comes to women’s health”.

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The American actress therefore called the women of “18 to 118 years” to make an important choice, as the US presidential election in November, This year.

“When it’s time to vote, please do it for your own benefit. That’s what we do with men for years, and that’s why the world looks so much like them. We are the largest group of voters in this country. Let’s make it look a little more like us ”, she concluded, to the applause of the room.

A speech that resonated, too, on social networks.

“Women are so often eclipsed by their husbands, in their lives – their voices, their ideas, their political reflections. Our votes are not theirs. Not anymore.”

“Congratulations to Michelle Williams! His pro-choice speech was the best of the evening. ”

“Michelle Williams is a queen.”

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[Vidéo] Golden Globes: Michelle Williams’ powerful speech for the right to abortion – Les Inrocks