Grammys, Moralism and Hot Dogs: What’s really behind the fight between J Balvin and Residente?

1634142856 Grammys Moralism and Hot Dogs Whats really behind the fight

This is the image with which J Balvin responded to Residente after he said that his music was like a cart of ‘hot dogs’. José Osorio tweets and J Balvin deletes it. René Pérez answers him in an Instagram video that Residente later removes. The individual speaks and the artist censors him. What, if anything, … Read more

Danna Paola prefers to focus on the happiness that her first Latin Grammy nomination has given her

Danna Paola prefers to focus on the happiness that her

While in Mexico some tabloid media are concerned about exposing their love life with dubious information, the singer Danna Paola makes use of your social networks to speak directly to your fans And in this way she dismisses those gossip and rather prefers to focus on inviting her fans to share with her the joy … Read more

Grupo Firme: ‘We are not against any award, we only demand that we be treated the same as others’

Grupo Firme We are not against any award we only

“Don’t lose your good humor or smile.” That seems to have been the best advice Eduin Caz, the leader, singer and founder of Grupo Firme, has received in his life, a group that received the press prior to its series of three sold out concerts at the Toyota Arena in Ontario. Southern California. Regarding hotdogs, … Read more

Nominees reject J Balvin’s proposal to boycott the 2021 Latin Grammys

Nominees reject J Balvins proposal to boycott the 2021 Latin

After Residente raised his voice, Gepe and Álex Cuba also opposed the call for a boycott made by J Balvin after the 2021 Latin Grammy nominees were announced. In a tweet, the Colombian reggaeton wrote that the Grammys do not value his genre, but that they need it. “We give them rating, but they do … Read more