Seoul, media professionals in action – Vatican News

Seoul media professionals in action Vatican News

The first day of study of the International Forum of Journalists at the SIGNIS 2022 World Congress concluded: “We ask Catholic communicators to create a synodal listening based on digital content that build a lasting peace”. Maria Chiara DeLorenzo “When we communicate in depth, on a spiritual level, when we listen not only to the … Read more

Ephemeris of August 17, 2022

Ephemeris of August 17 2022

1585.- The Spanish Tercios commanded by Alejandro Farnesio enter the city of Antwerp after a siege of almost a year. 1717.- Philip V orders the unification of higher education in Catalonia at the University of Cervera after suppressing all Catalan universities by decree. 1807.- American Robert Fulton launches his steam-powered ship from New York Harbor. … Read more

What is ozone therapy, the therapeutic agent for the treatment of pain?

What is ozone therapy the therapeutic agent for the treatment

Ozone therapy is a medical treatment that helps treat multiple diseases. In The newspaper We spoke with three specialists to learn about the benefits of ozone in medicine Ozone therapy, also called ozone therapy, is a treatment that uses the mixture of medical oxygen and ozone in specific concentrations to treat various diseases. In accordance … Read more

Por qué Salman Rushdie es un chivo expiatorio de la compleja relación entre Occidente y el Islam

Por que Salman Rushdie es un chivo expiatorio de la

PERTH, Australia – La Institución Chautauqua, al suroeste de la localidad estadounidense de Búfalo, en el estado de Nueva York, es conocida por sus conferencias de verano y por ser un lugar al que acuden personas en busca de paz y serenidad. Salman Rushdie, el gran escritor e influyente intelectual público, ya había hablado en … Read more

5 unusual economic indicators (and why experts use them) – BBC News Mundo

5 unusual economic indicators and why experts use them

Drafting BBC News World 1 hour image source, Getty Images “Making predictions is difficult, especially about the future.” This phrase, usually attributed to the Danish physicist and Nobel Prize winner Niels Bohr, humorously sums up the predicament in which those dedicated to anticipating what is to come live. The economy is one of the fields … Read more

Esta semana cumple años la hoja A4, los 29,7 por 21 cm más famosos

The battle for the metaverse gaming brands and crypto communities

La abolición de los formatos “pliego”, “folio”, “cuartilla”, “octavilla” y “holandesa” se debe a un alemán, el ingeniero y matemático Walter Porstmann, que creó el hoy popular formato DIN A4, ahora aplicado a cartas, facturas y un sinfín de documentos. El jueves 18 de agosto, hace cien años, el Instituto Alemán de Normalización (DIN) publicó … Read more

This is Hadi Matar, the man who tried to assassinate Salman Rushdie

This is Hadi Matar the man who tried to assassinate

Since 1989, the British writer Salman Rushdie lives on the edge of the wire. A fatwa o Legal pronouncement issued by Ruhollah Khomeini, then the Supreme Leader of Iran, ordered Muslims to assassinate Rushdie by consider that his novel the satanic verses it was blasphemous and offended Islam. The time that has elapsed since then, … Read more

Public investment in governments – La Razón | News from Bolivia and the World

Atomos ultrafrios vestidos con luz para simular teoria fisica

The tax system in our country has undergone many changes, in particular, perhaps, it became more relevant with the crisis of the 1980s and the subsequent implementation of Tax Reform Law 843 (1986), which had the following objectives: to create a broad tax base and a tax structure that is easy to administer. With the … Read more

How Alberto Roemmers achieved his fortune and who are his heirs

Los otros escritores amenazados por el fundamentalismo

Alberto Roemmer took control of his father’s company -a successful drug laboratory- after his death in the 1960s. From then on, he knew how to carry and lead that company beyond the borders and its growth positioned him as one of the richest Argentines. The Argentine pharmaceutical businessman died at the age of 95 and … Read more