A golden week: behind the scenes of the Nobel Prize in Literature, how is the winner chosen?

A golden week behind the scenes of the Nobel Prize.webp

Secret. It must be a secret. The Nobels They are not the Oscars of the Hollywood Academy, where each category has its list of candidates and the public throbs the results with popcorn in a glamorous ceremony that they watch on TV. Partly because of that same mystery –50 years must pass for the rulings … Read more

From a Nobel of yesteryear to today’s ‘tiktokers’

Why the Famine Bill is a Good Deal Joseph

In March 1995, the poet and critic José Luis Cano and Alejandro Sanz, president of the Association of Friends of Vicente Aleixandre (AAVA), started a protest campaign with a group of friends to denounce the unfortunate abandonment suffered by the historic Velintonia property. 3, since the death of the poet and Nobel laureate Vicente Aleixandre, … Read more

The Nobels start without favorites and with criticism for the lack of award-winning women

Movie theater Oscars 2022 a selection focused on initiatory stories

The week begins with the award, this Monday, of the Medicine and Physiology award Everything is ready for him Nobel Prize week kick-off: the delivery of the most important scientific awards of the year. This Monday, October 3, around 11:30 in the morning, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences will announce the winners of the … Read more

2022 Nobel Prize Predictions – The Science of the Francis Mule

2022 Nobel Prize Predictions The Science of the Francis

Like every year on these dates I have to predict who will be awarded a Nobel Prize in Science. The Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology will be announced on Monday, October 3, at around 11:30 CEST, that of Physics on Tuesday, October 4, at around 11:45, and that of Chemistry on Wednesday, October 5, … Read more

Who was Jacinto Convit, the Venezuelan scientist who created the leprosy vaccine?

Todays ephemeris August 12 2022 What happened on August 12

Jacinto Convit worked hard all his life to save thousands of lives. In Venezuela, the doctor carried out various investigations to find a cure for a disease suffered by various people. Thanks to his dedication, he discovered one of the most important discoveries in the treatment of leprosy. Jacinto Convit and his beginnings for the … Read more

Vox will have Juan Ramón Jiménez as “luxury guest” for Huelva at VIVA 22

The battle for the metaverse gaming brands and crypto communities

HUELVA, Oct. 1 (EUROPA PRESS) – On October 8 and 9, Vox will celebrate its new edition of VIVA, with the history of Spain as the main protagonist of the event, highlighting one character per province and in the case of Huelva, the party will highlight the illustrious figure of the Nobel Prize for Literature, … Read more

October: In 1962 John F. Kennedy announces to the world the blockade on Cuba due to the installation of Soviet missiles

October In 1962 John F Kennedy announces to the world

In the same way, this month we remember that in 1982 Gabriel García Márquez won the Nobel Prize for Literature and in 2002 a violent attack in an Indonesian nightclub caused the death of more than 300 people, among others ephemeris. “Kennedy ordered the blockade of Cuba: Armed Forces on alert”, headlined the newspaper Trade … Read more