The Government met with the Mapuche communities but not with the residents of Villa Mascardi

1673569952 The Government met with the Mapuche communities but not with

March in solidarity with the Mapuche people and to demand the release of the women detained during the eviction in Villa Mascardi. 10-12-22 – Credits: @LA NACION/Marcelo Martinez The national government met this afternoon at exESMA with representatives of eight Mapuche communities from Río Negro, Chubut and Neuquén to assess the situation of the conflict … Read more

Albert Camus 1913 -1960, tribute to the 72 years of his death

1673559115 Albert Camus 1913 1960 tribute to the 72 years of

Edgardo Riveros AedoPsychologist A At 1:55 p.m. on January 4, 1960, Albert Camus died in a car accident. He was only 47 years old and had received the Nobel Prize for Literature just three years before. He was returning to Paris, with his friends from the Gallimar publishing house, who had published him in 1942, … Read more

What is a Pokémon and how does it get into the Poké Ball? A Nobel Prize in Physics has the answer

1673537147 What is a Pokemon and how does it get into

Since I played my first Pokemonas surely happens to anyone who knows the franchise, I have fantasized about capturing a pocket-sized creature in a pokeball. How these disparately sized beasts fit into a small spherical capsule device remains a question that haunts me before I sleep. And there is a second question that can help … Read more

Finding in the APM Archive: an autograph letter from Jacinto Benavente

Finding in the APM Archive an autograph letter from Jacinto

Letter from Jacinto Benavente to Francos Rodríguez, president of the APM (1930). Source: APM Archive. The study of the collections and the different documentary series of the Historical Archive of the Madrid Press Association (APM) offers us pleasant surprises. One of them is the recent discovery of a handwritten letter in 1930 by the eminent … Read more

Marina Silva, defender of equality and the trees of the Amazon

Marina Silva defender of equality and the trees of the

On February 8, he will be 64 years old. His return to the government of Brazil has resonated in the world almost as much as that of the president himself Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. And if Lula needs debolsonarize Brazil, the inhabitants of planet Earth need – surely to the same extent – ​​someone … Read more

Intelligence, reason and soul: Gabriela Mistral and her social view of education –

Intelligence reason and soul Gabriela Mistral and her social view

Professor, diplomat, poet and writer, Gabriela Mistral was for a long time a hidden figure for Chilean men and women. Suffice it to recall the indecent fact that she received the National Prize for Literature six years after obtaining the Nobel Prize in 1945, as the first Latin American woman to achieve that recognition. For … Read more

The Pope: Let fraternity and women’s rights progress – Vatican News

Pope Francis received the judging commission for the 2023 Zayed Prize for Human Fraternity in the Vatican last week to discuss the role of the award in promoting fraternity on a global scale. This year’s winners will be announced in early February. VaticanNews On January 3, the Holy Father received the commission of judges for … Read more