John Carreyrou: the journalist who unmasked Elizabeth Holmes

John Carreyrou the journalist who unmasked Elizabeth Holmes

John Carreyrou is a Franco-American journalist who has been twice awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his investigations which have brought to light the setbacks of certain industries. He is particularly known for having dismantled the abuses of health insurance Medicare for seniors, and more recently for the startup scandal Theranos led by Elizabeth Holmes, the … Read more

TRUE OR FALSE. The “coup” in China was a rumor: x-ray of a globally relayed “fake news”

Atomos ultrafrios vestidos con luz para simular teoria fisica

the essential A rumor about the arrest of Chinese President Xi Jinping emerged on Twitter last weekend: La Dépêche went back to the source of this false information, carried by Chinese opponents exiled in the United States. Rumors of a coup against Chinese President Xi Jinping surfaced on social media on Friday (September 23rd), as … Read more

The strange rumor of the coup against Xi Jinping

Movie theater Oscars 2022 a selection focused on initiatory stories

Wind of panic on social networks on September 24, when the hashtag #ChinaCoup is starting to get a little more attention than it probably deserves. A rumor then spreads at high speed, fueled by the excitement of those delighted to be part of it, without the slightest precaution. According to some accounts, sometimes very followed … Read more

Richard Ford: “All the foundations of American life are partially fractured”

Richard Ford All the foundations of American life are partially

America must face up to the ‘nonsense’ about its foundations and stop seeing itself as a ‘shining city on the hill’, says Richard Ford. This American writer who received the Pulitzer Prize in 1996 deplores the fact that Americans on both sides no longer speak to each other and fears “something cataclysmic”. Richard Ford never … Read more

Chapitre 1: Les femmes et le leadership

Chapitre 1 Les femmes et le leadership

​​Le journalisme est un domaine où les femmes se sentent isolées, et cela est d’autant plus vrai quand il s’agit de journalisme d’investigation : c’est ce qui ressort de la séance intitulée “Femmes et journalisme d’investigation : tuyaux sur le leadership” qui s’est tenue dans le cadre de la 12 ème Conférence mondiale sur le … Read more

Jacques Gamblin is the guest of Cultural Affairs

Todays ephemeris August 12 2022 What happened on August 12

Jacques Gamblin is one of those artists between heaven and earth, whose body seems to defy gravity. In front of the camera, this lover of words gradually moved from third to leading role, with in particular the success of “Soft Pedal” which revealed him to the general public. We can currently see him at the … Read more

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, scathing response, revelation about his memoirs

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were preparing a response to the criticism they were the target of during their visit to London, in particular during the funeral of the queen. Everything would be detailed in the biography of the Duke of Sussex. Details have been provided on this subject. According to journalist Tom Bower, Prince … Read more

John Adams, the work in a box

John Adams the work in a

John Adams (born in 1947): Christian Zeal and Activity, China Gates, Phrygian Gates, Shaker Loops, Common Tones in Simple Time, Harmonium, Grand Pianola Music, Harmonielehre, Tromba Lontana, Short Ride in the Fast Machine, The Chairman Dances, Nixon in China, Fearful Symmetries, The Wound-Dresser, Eros Piano, Five Songs, Berceuse élégiaque, The Black Gondola, The Death of … Read more