At the Golden Globes, actresses must wear dresses, but for actors, it’s “come as you are”

The 78th awards ceremony once again showed how much we expect women like Viola Davis, Sofia Carson, or Andra Day to be overwhelmed. While men like Jason Sudeikis can settle for the minimum.

It’s already the most popular red carpet of the year. Some looks were discovered on the spot, others on Instagram or by Zoom – in short, even the Golden globes struggles with technology (moved thought to Daniel Kaluuya who forgot to turn on his microphone during the first twenty seconds of his acceptance speech upon receiving his award for best supporting actor: we’ve all been there!) .

The female (then male) looks of the 2021 Golden Globes

On the other hand, the ceremony does not struggle with the good old glamor and its well-gendered codes.

As usual, most of the actresses went there in their best gala dresses, rich in chiffon, frills and organza. While the men were content with the good old tuxedo, the fashion equivalent of the men’s union minimum, when they did not directly put on a big hoodie.

Sofia Carson in bigout dress

Let’s start with Sofia carson, star of Descendants and Feel the Beat, in a Giambattista Valli dress. A two-taste creation with a powder pink fluid first layer, and a thicker and more structured second adorned with a huge bow on the shoulder that stretches out for maximum drama!

Andra Day in a macrame fan vestal dress

Second black actress to receive the award for best actress (after Whoopi Goldeberg in 1986), Andra Day wore a dress Chanel high fashion. Thanks to a bust with openwork patterns that contrasts with the flowing skirt, the revelation of The United States vs. Billie Holiday looked like a vestal macrame fan.

Elle Fanning as Frozen Mint Diabolo

Elle fanning played the card of old Hollywood glamor in an icy mint dress with jeweled suspenders. And since then, we’ve only been waiting for one thing: for her to star in a live-action remake of Snow Queen !

Viola Davis in wax mermaid

In a colorful loincloth dress with one bare shoulder, adjusted to the knees before ending in a trumpet, Viola Davis shone! A creation signed LaVie by CK (Claude Kameni) accessorized with Pomellato jewelry.

Rosamund Pike in punk ballerina

Walking meme, Rosamund Pike, which exploded in Gone Girl, hijacked her Molly Goddard tutu dress with good big Alexander McQueen combat boots.

Emma Corrin as a sad clown

Revealed by the series The Crown where she makes us want to be undermine like Lady Di, Emma Corrin played Pierrot the clown in a black and white Miu Miu dress.

Cynthia Erivo in futuristic green background

Very structured, the Valentino Haute Couture dress by Cynthia Erivo, nominated for the 2020 Oscars for her role in Harriet, looked like a green background mounted on whales like a crinoline to wear under a basket dress.

A priori, we wouldn’t bet a kopeck on this look, but in fact, with minimal styling and white leather opera gloves, Cynthia Erivo looked like a robot straight from a stylish future. !

Kiersey Clemons in velvet sheath

Kiersey Clemons, seen in Antebellum, wore a Prabal Gurung dress – a draped and asymmetrical black velvet sheath, adorned on one hip with a wide cutout with a rhinestone piercing attachment.

The few masculine looks that were worth it at the 2021 Golden Globes

You saw it, the girls were overwhelmed. Because that’s what we expect from women in general, and actresses in particular. While men are much less subject to their appearance: unsurprisingly, very few actors have positively stood out on the look side …

Dan Levy in anise costume

The medal goes to Dan Levy, co-creator and actor in the series Schitt’s Creek, in an anise green suit signed Valentino Haute Couture. The originality lay above all in the unusual color, its sequined top rather than a traditional shirt and its metallic platform shoes.

This is enough for Vogue American which rolls out the red carpet for him in an article, titled around the words of the actor about his outfit which ” say something. “ What ? We do not know. If not, maybe, that he likes anise lollipops.

Jason Sudeikis in psychedelic hoodie

It is especially Jason Sudeikis who stood out in a psychedelic hoodie from the merchandising brand of dance studio Forward Space, founded by his sister.

But it wasn’t just his tie-dye hoodie that looked on LSD… Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy Series for his role in Ted lasso, the ex-husband ofOlivia Wilde (rumored to be romantically involved with Harry Styles) held a speech as moved as it is incoherent.

“The theme of Jason Sudeikis’ look: ‘My wife just left me for Harry Styles’. “

While you don’t necessarily expect comedic actors to become Brad Pitt-style sex symbols, comic actresses seem much more subject to the gala dress injunction. Equivalent to the correct dress required to do the job in Hollywood when you’re a woman? In any case, we are waiting for the first tired actress in a hoodie at the Oscars!

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At the Golden Globes, actresses must wear dresses, but for actors, it’s “come as you are”