Golden Globes 2022: who is Jeremy Strong, crowned Best Actor for Succession?

The Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama Series went to Jeremy Strong for his performance as Kendall Roy in the HBO series “Succession”. On this occasion, focus on the career of this gifted actor.


The 79th Golden Globes ceremony, which took place on the night of Sunday to Monday without an audience, without a presenter and without a television broadcast, crowned Succession, with the trophy for Best Drama Series. Two of her performers were also honored: Sarah Snook (Best Supporting Actress) and Jeremy Strong (Best Actor).

Born in 1978, in Boston, to a nursing mother and a father working in the legal field, Jeremy Strong developed a passion for the theater at a very young age. Thus, once his high school diploma in hand, he joined the prestigious Yale University where he distinguished himself in several plays and obtained a diploma in English.

Wanting to continue in this direction, he continued his training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and the Steppenwolf Theater Company in Chicago and, during the 2000s, performed in plays. Haroun and the Sea of ​​Stories, Defiance, New Jerusalem or A Man for All Seasons (which marks his Broadway debut).

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Also nurturing dreams of cinema, Jeremy Strong finds his first role in the comedy-drama Humboldt County in 2008: that of a jaded medical student spending a summer in a farming community!

On the strength of this first attempt, he was chosen to play many secondary characters alongside big names like Mark Wahlberg (Phenomena), Ben Foster (The Messenger), Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln), Robert Downey Jr. (The Judge), Ryan Gosling (The Big Short), Jessica Chastain (Le Grand jeu), Matthew McConaughey (Serenity and The Gentlemen) or Joseph Gordon-Levitt (The Chicago Seven).

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In parallel with the big screen and the boards, the native of Boston is illustrated on the side of the series, as evidenced by his performances in The Good Wife, Mob City and Masters of Sex, where he plays the benevolent doctor Art Dreesen. In 2018, his talent was revealed to a wider audience thanks to Succession.

In this brilliant series centered on a very wealthy media family in New York, Jeremy Strong plays Kendall Roy, second son of the ruthless patriarch Brian Cox. This top executive at war with his father and plagued by drug and alcohol addictions earned him the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama Series.

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A high-level performance for which the actor inflicted the same trials on himself as those experienced by his character. With this in mind, he did not hesitate, during the filming of the third season, to sever all contact with the rest of the cast, refusing scene rehearsals and insisting not to cross any of his partners …

The future of Jeremy Strong seems to be brightest, as we will see him alongside Bradley Cooper in Maestro, a Netflix biopic devoted to Leonard Bernstein, legendary composer of West Side Story and On the Docks. He will also star in James Gray’s Armageddon Time, set in 1980s Queens.

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Golden Globes 2022: who is Jeremy Strong, crowned Best Actor for Succession?