Netflix: Emily in Paris is controversial, did the series steal her Golden Globes nomination?

Netflix: At the beginning of February, the Academy of the Golden Globes has the list of nominees for the prestigious awards. Among the possible winners, the series Emily in Paris, broadcast by Netflix creates a huge controversy. Indeed, heavy suspicions of favoritism, even corruption reign over this choice. So where does this crazy rumor come from? Objeko tries to lift the veil on this mystery.

Emily in Paris (Netflix): the series and the platform in turmoil as part of the Golden Globes

A long-awaited evening

Each year, the Golden Globes evening brings together all the cream of the film and television industry in the United States. A large number of stars is also present for the event. Since some years nowNetflix has thus become a real major player in the sector. With many productions on the bill, the distribution platform therefore regularly wins awards across the world. But this year, a problem seems to arise in view of the next Golden Globes ceremony. Indeed, the annual show takes place in a few days. Consequently, the public is more and more interested in the possible winners.

In the list of potential winners, we find in particular the series Emily in Paris which is a huge hit on Netflix. This is the story of a young woman of American origin arriving in the French capital. The scenario allows us to follow her during her discovery of Paris. Nominated twice for the Golden Globes, this production is not lacking in quality. However, some are surprised to find it in the list of the Golden Globes. So why this negative reaction? Objeko explains to you where the scandal comes from.

angry fans

All television channels like Netflix offer a wide choice of series. Indeed, this format has become over the years a real competitor to the cinematographic company. Moreover, the biggest stars of the planet no longer hesitate to collaborate in this kind of format. Both in the United States and in France, big names in cinema are taking the plunge. If a few years ago, celebrities hesitated to risk this kind of exercise, this is absolutely no longer the case. From then on, the series managed to acquire a certain respectability. Moreover, scriptwriters and directors achieve real feats in this area. Each of us has actually quickly become addicted to one of these programs. Thus, the Golden Globes honor this type of production by rewarding them.

This year, the American Academy has therefore chosen a few of the most outstanding series. Emily in Paris is therefore one of the nominees in two categories. But some fans are genuinely surprised by this choice. Especially those of I May destroy you who are surprised to see Emily in Paris nominated twice. From then on, some seem to have carried out the investigation. Because for them, it seems obvious that there is a real problem. Besides, the whole press seized on the affair. Thus, the very famous The bone Angeles Times would also have investigated. Finally, the result of their investigations could create a real scandal across the Atlantic. It would seem that many questions arise about the moral integrity of members of the Golden Globes. Therefore, Netflix is โ€‹โ€‹summoned to explain. The famous platform, would she have tried to bribe the judges? Objeko explains to you where these accusations come from.

Many benefits in kind

According to the investigation of some journalists, Netflix would have been extremely generous with the members of the jury of the Golden Globes. As part of the filming ofEmily in ParisNetflix would have indeed invited the entire Academy of the famous ceremony, to come and join them in the French capital, 30 people in total. Under the pretext of presenting them with the result of their work, Netflix would therefore have offered them a trip, to say the least, luxurious. Indeed, those responsible for the nominations for the Golden Globes took a flight from the United States to reach the city of light. On site, the production had reserved several suites for them in one of the capital’s palaces. The 30 members of the Golden Globes spent two nights at the Peninsula Paris hotel. Each night is charged more than 1,150 euros. A hotel in which the simple breakfast costs you the sum of 110 euros.

The producers of the Paramount Network, a production company that works in collaboration with Netflix, have even gone much further. They actually organized a luxurious press conference and a sumptuous meal at the Musรฉe des Arts Forains. Of course, no member of the Golden Globes jury had to pay a penny for this extraordinary trip. Consequently, a large number of Internet users are rising up on the web. Especially on Twitter, which is experiencing a veritable surge of hatred and negative reactions. Moreover, the Golden Globes are not their first controversy. Regularly, the press or specialists in the question criticize the institution for lacking discernment in its choices. But this time, Netflix seems to be in the crosshairs of a large number of observers. Objeko will obviously remain attentive to the results of the Golden Globes, the result of which will be known in a few days.

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Netflix: Emily in Paris is controversial, did the series steal her Golden Globes nomination?