Snoop Dogg mispronounces Ben Affleck’s name when announcing 2022 Golden Globe nominees: “Sorry, Ben”

Snoop Dogg took the stage to help announce the 2022 Golden Globe nominees on Monday, and during the event, he accidentally mispronounced Ben Affleck’s name. Snoop was reading the list of nominees in the Best Supporting Actor category, for which Affleck is nominated for his role in the upcoming film, The Tender Bar. After mispronouncing Affleck’s last name, Snoop laughed and said “My fault.” Sorry about that, Ben. “

The Tender Bar is a coming-of-age drama based on the 2005 memoir of the same name by writer JR Moehringer. It is directed by George Clooney, from a screenplay by William Monahan, and produced by Clooney , Grant Heslov and Ted Hope. In it, Affleck plays Moehringer’s Uncle Charlie, with whom he grew up as the most important father figure in his life, due to his own father’s frequent absence. JR is played by two actors: newcomer Daniel Ranieri and The Card Counter star Tye Sheridan. Ranieri portrays teenager Moehringer, while Sheridan plays him as a young adult. Other stars of the Tender Bar include Lily Rabe, Christopher Lloyd, Max Martini, Sondra James, Max Casella and Briana Middleton.

In a previous interview with Deadline, Affleck spoke about what it was like working with Clooney on The Tender Bar and how deeply he felt about the project. “It’s really only one out of two times in my entire career that a great director sends me a great script with a good role and gives it to me. It’s very unusual, ”Affleck told the outlet. “I always thought I was generating my own material and putting things together, and that was one of those things that I thought would happen to the luckiest people. It was just manna from heaven. “

“Before I even read it, I just wanted to do it with George,” Affleck continued. “I like him a lot but I didn’t even know how good he was a director, especially with the actors and how much he would help me. I read the part and I was like, ‘Is this a joke?’ because anyone would do that. I was just thrilled. It was obvious. It was one of those very, very easy decisions that you will never regret. You have a lot of hope about it and the experience was everything I could have hoped for and the other cast was fabulous. “

Affleck concluded, “I know everyone always says this, you are expected to say it in these situations, but this is the rare exception where everything is true. The Tender Bar will have a limited release on December 17th, with a large expansion on December 22nd. It will then land on Prime Video on January 7, 2022.

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Snoop Dogg mispronounces Ben Affleck’s name when announcing 2022 Golden Globe nominees: “Sorry, Ben”