Will Smith mocked, Kevin Costner blocked, Michelle Yeoh ready to do battle … The highlights of the Golden Globes

VIDEOS – Irreverent presenter of the evening, comedian Jerrod Carmichael pulled out the heavy artillery, not ignoring the turpitudes of the ceremony.

The Golden Globes made their big comeback on television on Tuesday, hoping to turn the page on the scandals that have tarnished their image. Their presenter Jerrod Carmichael brought out the heavy artillery. The African-American comedian did not ignore the turpitudes of the ceremony. Some laureates also allowed themselves to be tongue-tied in an evening with fairly conventional speeches. From Cate Blanchett to Tom Cruise, several nominees and winners were missing. Either retained on filming, or as a sign of a boycott of feasts.

The opening speech against the Golden Globes

Mired for two years in accusations of racism, sexism and corruption, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), which organizes the Golden Globes, has not been spared by its Ringmaster. In his opening speech, which normally curries the stars present and the nominees, comedian Jerrod Carmichael let go. “I’ll tell you why I’m here. I’m here because I’m black”he launched, designating himself as “the black face of an embattled white organization.”

“I’m not going to say it’s a racist organization, but they didn’t have a single black member until George Floyd died. So do what you want with this information.continued the one who said (for real or for fun?) To have been paid 500,000 dollars. “In my community, we never refuse money. I bet the families of African-American FBI informants who were reporting Martin Luther King were proud of theirs for this position”pressed Jerrod Carmichael.

The intimidating Michelle Yeoh

As often, the laureates proved that they were too talkative: almost all the speeches of thanks exceeded the allotted time. The ceremony, which was supposed to last only three hours, finally exceeded by twenty minutes. The producers have tried to dismiss the stars who dragged on, thanks to a little melody played on the piano. But most just pushed through and forced their voices. In this register, Michelle Yeoh was perfect, staying in character.

Nominated best actress in a comedy for her role as a laundromat owner immersed in parallel universes in Everything Everywhere All At Onceshe did not hesitate to pull out the bullying card. “Shut up please“, she launched mockingly, recalling the many fight scenes that punctuate the film. “I can screw you up, it’s serious.”

The shadow of Will Smith

Persona non grata since his slap at the Oscars, Will Smith was of course not invited to the Golden Globes. But his slap inflicted on comedian Chris Rock has become an endless source of jokes.

Jerrod Carmichael claimed to have presented during a commercial break an award for “best portrayal of masculinity on televisionto the actor, who couldn’t stand a joke about his wife’s hair loss. The actor Eddie Murphyrewarded for his entire career, gave it a layer a little later. “There is a real plan you can follow to achieve success, prosperity, longevity, and peace of mind.“, he swung to a hilarious audience. “There are three things: pay your taxes, mind your own business, and keep the name of Will Smith’s wife out of your fucking mouth.”

Tom Cruise and Scientology mocked

Absent due to boycott, Tom Cruise, also had the right to a dressing in order. The American actor, whose film Top Gun: Maverick was nominated in several categories, returned his three Golden Globes to the HFPA in 2021, in protest at revelations about the extent of corruption, sexism and racism within the Golden Globes.

In the middle of the evening, Jerrod Carmichael came back on stage with three statuettes in hand, to represent these awards. “Hey guys, I found this”he launched to the public, before commenting on the membership of Tom Cruise in the Church of Scientology. “Maybe we should take these three things and trade them for the return of Shelly Miscavige”added the presenter, in reference to the wife of the leader of the cult, who has not been seen for years in public.

LGBTQ representation

Honored with a special career award, series producer Ryan Murphy (Nip/Tuck, Glee, Pose) delivered a vibrant plea to better represent the LGBTQ community on screen. He asked the audience for a “standing ovation” for MJ Rodriguez, the star of Pose, who became the “first transgender actress to win a Golden Globe” in 2022 without being able to celebrate her victory since the ceremony took place without an audience, nor television. “My mission has been to take the unseen, the unloved and make them the heroes I hoped for, but never saw, in pop culture.he confided.

Steven Spielberg’s cry from the heart

The director of Schindler’s List had an exceptional night, winning the trophy for best dramatic film and best director for The Fabelmans. In this film, the filmmaker evokes his childhood, his awakening to the cinema under the aegis of a whimsical mother and an engineer father who end up divorcing. A story that he had always carried with him and dared not put into image.

Tonight, I think there are five people happier than me. My sisters Anne, Sue and Nancy, my father Arnold and my mother. She’s in heaven rejoicing and celebrating“, he said. And to confide:I’ve been playing hide and seek with this story since I was 17did he declare, I told my trajectory in pieces throughout my career. ET, Encounter of the Third Kind... But I never had the courage to tackle this family past head on. Everything I’ve done so far has prepared me to finally be honest. It’s not easy being a child. People judge us by our success, but no one really knows who we are until we’re brave enough to reveal it.“.

Called back on stage at the end of the ceremony to collect the trophy for best drama, Steven Spielberg had a thought for the thankless job of assistant. Quentin Tarantino whispered in my ear that John Cassavetes would be so proud. I was John Cassavetes’ production assistant on one of his films. I was running in all directions on this set, so noisy with its 16 mm camera. I did what I was told… That’s why I treat my PAs with such kindness. Because I know how it feels. Do the same“.

Regina Hall’s Laughter

The actress presented the category “best actor in a drama series” and had to give the statuette to Kevin Costner for his performance as a ruthless ranch patriarch in Yellowstone. But the actor was conspicuous by his absence, stranded on his ranch in Santa Barbara, 150km from Los Angeles, by the floods that hit California.

Reading on the teleprompter the apology of the star of Dancing with the wolvesshe burst out laughing: “Jstill love the way [les rédacteurs de fiches] write that. ‘He really wants to…’ No, I’m sure of it actually». Continuing, Regina Hall explains: “Kevin Costner must confine himself to his home. Jesus. What a sad story these storms! Kevin Costner is stuck in Santa Barbara – let’s pray, everyone” . Managing to calm down, Regina Hall ended up addressing her thoughts to the inhabitants, affected by the floods.

The anxieties of Jennifer Coolidge

The star of the satirical series on the ultra-rich The White Lotus said he hesitated before presenting an award, fearing to stumble on stage and scratch the name of a nominee.

She was equally hilarious when she won Best Actress and gave her acceptance speech, which brought creator Mike White to tears. “I had such big dreams and expectations when I was younger, but those desires were stifled by life. I thought I was going to be Princess of Monaco even if someone else did it,” laughed Jennifer Coolidge. “And then you get old Mike White, you gave me hope. You gave me a fresh start… You changed my life in a million different ways. You made me want to live long”.

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Will Smith mocked, Kevin Costner blocked, Michelle Yeoh ready to do battle … The highlights of the Golden Globes