Will there really be a Golden Globes ceremony this year?

CINEMA – The suspense is complete. Even as the ceremony of Golden globes must be held on the night of this Sunday, January 9, in Los Angeles, the broadcasting and organization conditions have still not been revealed, just a few days before the event.

For the first time in its history, the prestigious evening, which traditionally opens the film awards season in Hollywood, will not be broadcast live by the American channel. NBC. No other broadcaster has yet been announced.

According to Vanity Fair, anything is possible: it could be a simple press conference or a traditional dinner during which the nominees are invited to eat. “It looks very messy,” whispered a press secretary to the magazine.

The stars boycott

“It’s not going to be the same event as usual, but we have always said that we will make the nominations and give the awards no matter what,” the president of the Association of Hollywood Foreign Press (HFPA) Helen Hoehne as the nominations announced in Beverly Hills last December alongside surprise guest rapper Snoop Dogg.

Known for their pomp and champagne, the Golden Globes have traditionally attracted all international stars, but this year the stars should stay a safe distance from the evening. Many of them, as well as major studios like Warner Bros, Netflix and Amazon, have indicated that they will no longer work with the HFPA, which is the jury for these awards. They have been targeted for many years by accusations of racism, sexism and corruption.

At the request of a hundred agents, last March, according to whom it is necessary to put an end to “discriminatory and unprofessional behavior, ethical breaches”, the organization announced a series of reforms, including an unprecedented recruitment of new members to improve the representation of minorities within it.

Skepticism about reforms

However, the said reforms were greeted with great skepticism. Like actor Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett johansson considered them too slow and vague, while two members of the HFPA resigned from this group which they described as “toxic”. “The HFPA is an organization legitimized by Harvey Weinstein to create momentum for Academy recognition, and the industry has followed suit,” added the 37-year-old actress.

Likewise, the Time’s Up movement, which defends victims of sexual violence in cinema, denounced “facade platitudes”, far from the expectations and promises made at the height of the movement against sexual violence and the lack of parity and of diversity. Tom Cruise, he returned to the organization his three Golden Globes in protest.

Which stars will come to collect their reward this Sunday? Where will the evening be broadcast? Will the evening itself really take place or will the winners be announced through a press release? Many questions still await answers.

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Will there really be a Golden Globes ceremony this year?