▷ Four Venezuelan groups and artists nominated for the Latin Grammy for best instrumental album #5Oct – El Impulso

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The Roots Group of Venezuela will compete on November 17 for a Latin Grammy in the category “Best Instrumental Album” for his album «Ofrenda».

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This great gala will be held in the city of Las Vegas in the United States, an event that brings together prominent figures from the world of music year after year.

It should be noted that this category is dominated by Venezuelans, since the ensemble C4 Trio (Back to 4), teacher Gerry Weill with the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra (Gerry Weil Symphonic) and the violinist Daniela Padron, together with the Cuban pianist glenda del e (She).

The Venezuelan instrumental music group was born on November 12, 1976 and, uninterruptedly, he has been delighting the public with his own works.

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The group has performed concerts throughout the national territory and in countries such as Colombia, Barbados, Puerto Rico and the United States, where it had the honor of being, on two occasions, in the meeting room of the Organization of American States in Washington.

The Roots Group of Venezuela is made up of families of great training and cultural talent, Well, after the physical disappearance of one of the main teachers and founders, David Medina, his son Jesús David Medina joined.

Later, when Maestro Domingo Moret departed for eternity, he was Leoncio Ontiveros who assumes the role of guitarist in the group.

Since 2006 they started, together with the Venezuelan director César Iván Lara, the project «Symphonic Roots»being soloists with orchestras such as the Mérida Symphony, the Simón Bolívar del Táchira Orchestra, the National Philharmonic Orchestra and the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela.

Nowadays, Roots of Venezuela, adds 17 record productions that have contributed more than 400 works of their authorship to the cultural heritage of our country.

Winners of the Pepsi Music Awards

On September 21 in Caracas, the tenth edition of the Pepsi Music Awards was held, an event that recognizes the artistic work of Venezuelan talent.

In this gala, the Grupo Raíces de Venezuela managed to win the three awards for those who were nominated in the traditional music category.

Roots of Venezuela conquered the statuettes theme of the year, best album and group of the year, with their most recent production “Ofrenda”.

Other Venezuelans nominated for Latin GrammysMu

The Zulian singer-songwriter is on the list of Venezuelans nominated for the Latin Grammy Jorge Luis Chacín, the most nominated, with six in total.

Chacin will compete in the categories of Best Contemporary Tropical Album and for the compositions that for other artists such as Christina Aguilera (Album of the Year and Song of the Year), Kany Garcia (Best Tropical Song) and Camilo with Carlos Vives (Song of the Year and Best Pop Song).

Its Primera brothers were also nominated -separately- for album of the year: Servando for his participation in Christina Aguilera and Florentino for “Pa’allá voy” by Marc Anthony.

For his part, the producer and author Yasmil Marrufo appears among the nominees for Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Tropical Song and Best Regional Mexican Song, after collaborating with artists such as Christina Aguilera Y Kany Garcia.

While the cuatro player Jorge Glem will compete for his participation in the song “I’ll never forget you”of Mireya and the Mexican group Toloache flowernominated for Best Regional Mexican Song,

Other Venezuelan names on the list are Ricardo Montaner, who will opt for the Best Tango Album and also his daughter, Evaluna, who was nominated for Song of the Year and Best Pop Song, for “Indigo”.

In addition, the Venezuelan singer-songwriter Yordano will receive a gramophone for Musical Excellence in this edition of the Latin Grammys, for his invaluable contribution to the culture of the region.

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▷ Four Venezuelan groups and artists nominated for the Latin Grammy for best instrumental album #5Oct – El Impulso