17-Year-Old Venezuelan Singer Based In Peru Competes With Nicole Zignago At The Grammys And Recounts Her Fascinating Success Story

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Tiare received us last Wednesday at her residence in San Isidro. She had just gotten home from school and had quickly changed for the photo shoot. “I’ve made myself as young as possible”, he tells us in reference to the pink polo shirt and the bows he wears. An angelic look and a shy smile that, as the minutes go by, disappears and becomes more natural. He grabbed his guitar, which was strategically positioned on the couch, and started playing some chords for the photos.

After a few minutes, and much more relaxed, we settle into the sofas and a talk begins that lasts more than half an hour where we see the real Tiare, a young woman who, despite her young age, knows what she wants and is working for it. The Venezuelan singer-songwriter began the interview by confessing to Trade that her passion for art was discovered when she was only 3 years old, when her mother -who is Peruvian- enrolled her in flamenco classes. But, it took six years for her to venture into music. My mom says that I was born on a stage. All my life I knew that I wanted to dedicate myself to music. I knew it was the right path. Art was the only thing I did and, God willing, I’m going to do for the rest of my life.”, assured. This is the full interview:

—How did moving to Peru affect you?

I think that like any person who migrates, it is difficult. Changing schools is a shock, but a week later I already had friends and normal. I also have a lot of family here in Peru, so I feel at home. PErú welcomed me with very open arms and I was able to adapt easily. I found my house here and I also have it in Venezuela (…)People are very friendly in Peru. I love that sweetness that people have in their hearts. I have a lot of love for Peru, this is my home.

—You officially started your career in 2020, but how did you discover that your passion was music?

At the age of four I started in musical theater, at the age of 9 I moved to Peru. From Barquisimeto to Lima. There I began to educate myself in music theory. I started singing solo at the age of 13 and wrote my first song. Before playing the guitar (at the age of 9), she was already on stage doing covers of Adele and in music academies learning to sing. She sang Adele songs, I’ve always loved it. Also Taylor Swift since she was little. She is my top Spotify artist.

—I imagine that it has also been difficult to divide your life between school responsibilities and musical commitments…

I’ve had several scoldings from my mom, but I’ve handled it well. I have good grades at school with an average of 16. It hasn’t gone badly for me. I have also taken courses that I like in school such as music and drama. My school supports me in my career too. But I have had to learn to balance myself and prioritize what is most important at the moment.

The Venezuelan considers Peru as her home. (Photo: Anthony Niño de Guzmán for El Comercio)

—Your songs are full of love and melancholy, what inspires you to compose?

I’m in love with love, and yet I’ve never had a boyfriend. I keep writing love songs and nothing has ever happened to me. The funniest thing is that people tell me “Tiare, who broke your heart?” and me “If you knew that I’ve never had a boyfriend” (laughs).

—So, what you do is take inspiration from different situations and create your own stories so that the lyrics can move the public…

I think that the most beautiful thing about being a singer-songwriter is not only writing what happens to one and about experiences, but also that one can also create fiction, characters, stories. Bring those stories to life through music and make people feel identified. That is the most beautiful thing about being a singer-songwriter: being able to create all these worlds for myself, these love stories that have not happened to me. I am inspired by everything, my eyes are wide open, I read a lot, I listen to a lot of music, I am inspired by other artists like Kany García, Pablo Alborán, Taylor Swift. Also in experiences that other people tell me.

—You told me that at the age of 13 you started composing, what is the first song you wrote?

The first song I wrote in my life is called “Ella” and it is part of my first EP “Sixteen” that I released in May and contains 5 songs that I wrote from the ages of thirteen to sixteen. I wrote that first single in this very house, in my room. “She” is the story of this relationship ending and, from the girl’s perspective, it talks about how the boy gets another one who looks like her. I don’t know how that song came out at 13. Crazy.

—But the first song that came out was “Evaluna”, why?

I recorded “Ella” twice. I recorded it before “Evaluna” and that’s where the pandemic came from. We decided to keep “Ella”. In a pandemic we started to produce “Evaluna”, we recorded it in the studio. We thought it was a good debut single. From there I recorded “Líneas de tus Manos”, more songs continued to come out and it was only on my first EP “Dieciséis” that “Ella” came out.

—What does your debut single “Evaluna” mean to you?

She is very cute. I think it’s my golden ball. It amuses me a lot to sing it in public because everyone knows it. It’s a very special song because it’s one of the first songs I wrote, it’s very genuine. I didn’t think it would get to where it is now. I have a lot of affection and love for him.

—Who are your role models in the music industry?

Anyway, my number one in the Latin industry has to be Pablo Alboran. I love him. I’ve seen him in concert like four times. He is an excellent singer-songwriter, I die for his lyrics and his voice. I also like Kany García, who is an amazing Puerto Rican singer-songwriter. She is crazy. She is a very empowered woman who does what she wants and is highly respected in the industry. Taylor Swift is not Latina, but she is the queen of queens.

Tiare has been playing the guitar since she was 9 years old, the first one was a gift from her mother. (Photo: Anthony Niño de Guzmán for El Comercio)
Tiare has been playing the guitar since she was 9 years old, the first one was a gift from her mother. (Photo: Anthony Niño de Guzmán for El Comercio)

—Have you thought about sending a song to Pablo Alborán?

I haven’t, but I should, right? It is that everything has happened so fast that I did not imagine that everything would escalate so fast. I still feel like I’m writing songs in my room. And now nominated for a Latin Grammy, also nominated for the important Pepsi Awards in Venezuela, everything has come at once. I could not imagine. It is something worked. I have enjoyed the process, I have continued at school. It was a hit like “hey, this is happening, we’re making it”. I think that music is not a competition, music has so many ups and downs, it has good and bad things, I think that music should be shared and not compete.

—Precisely, last week you were announced as one of the candidates for the Latin Grammy 2022 in the important category of Best New Artist, how did you receive the news?

I was in Venezuela. The nominations are announced through a live. They started advertising when I was changing to go to an interview. My mom came into the room to tell me that she had started the live and I was very nervous and told her please don’t put it on. I didn’t want to watch the broadcast. We went down to the lobby, but from there they told me to get a change of clothes because I had another interview in the afternoon. I went upstairs to get a change of clothes and they were waiting for me in the van watching the live. When I go downstairs, I walk out of the lobby and see my mom, my best friend, and my PR person filming me crying. Obviously then I realize that I am nominated. There is a very emotional video on my Instagram. I could not believe it. It was a very emotional thing. It was something that I had manifested a lot but I did not imagine that it would happen so quickly in my career. At 17, being nominated for a Latin Grammy is very Taylor Swift-esque. I thank God very much because she put this little gift in my path. I’m not going to lie to you, it scares me. But it also gives me happiness and gives me strength to keep going.

—What is the first thing that crossed your mind when you found out that, with such a short time in the industry, the organization had considered you as one of the candidates for this category?

I was on autopilot, in airplane mode. He didn’t process it. I think that, at that moment, I began to cry with joy and that’s where the sadness came from because of fear. I didn’t know why I was nominated. I was just crying. I’ve been crying all week. I think he didn’t know what was going on. But above all, I was too grateful and happy.

—What do you think the Latin Recording Academy saw in you to be one of the nominees for Best New Artist?

I don’t like throwing flowers at myself, but I think if I’m being honest, what I like the most about myself, and I guess other people do too, is my lyrics. I am very honest and transparent with what I speak and write. So, I think it’s something that has gotten me to where I am today and has also gotten me to the Latin Grammys. The lyrics and the way I convey them is what they liked. I am a 100% singer-songwriter, I write my lyrics up to the semicolons.

—How do you see this year’s competition in the category of Best New Artist? You are together with the Peruvian Nicole Zignago too…

There are amazing people that I listen to every day. Silvana Estrada, a spectacular singer-songwriter who is also in this category. Pol Granch, I’ve seen him in Elite, being nominated with him is crazy. Nicole Zignago, daughter of Gian Marco, who is also an amazing singer. I am super honored to be nominated with such talented people that I admire so much. The mere fact of being nominated is already a triumph. She makes me very happy. The Latin Grammys are a ceremony that I see every year with my mom, she always told me “One day we will be there, my love, I swear”. And now that dream is fulfilled is crazy and I thank God every day.

The singer-songwriter shows her excitement for the 2022 Latin Grammy nomination and is ready to travel to Las Vegas, United States, in November. (Photo: Anthony Niño de Guzmán for El Comercio)
The singer-songwriter shows her excitement for the 2022 Latin Grammy nomination and is ready to travel to Las Vegas, United States, in November. (Photo: Anthony Niño de Guzmán for El Comercio)

—Lastly, what are Tiare’s next goals?

I think that the Latin Grammy has been a goal that I really didn’t think I would have so soon. they told me “How do you see yourself in 10 years from now?” and I said “maybe nominated for a Latin Grammy”. But that’s right now and I wasn’t very prepared. My next goals, however, are to collaborate with artists such as Pablo Alborán. Writing for artists that I love or opening concerts for singers that I admire a lot. doing own tours. I would also love, in the future, to be able to travel around Latin America touring with my music. That is a dream that I have had for a long time and it is happening little by little. If that continues to be fulfilled, I will be very happy.

The data

Latin Grammy nomination process

Periko, from the duo Periko & Jessi Leon, is Tiare’s manager. In conversation with this newspaper, he told us that he, through his label PJ Records, made the registration process so that the Venezuelan singer can opt for a Latin Grammy nomination. “It is to register the album, the authors. In this case, Tiare wrote all the songs. The producers were Juan Carlos Perez Soto and I (Periko), the musicians. All these details are recorded. In the registration round for the Best New Artist category of the Latin Grammy 2022 there were 900 participants and only 11 were selected.he pointed out.

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17-Year-Old Venezuelan Singer Based In Peru Competes With Nicole Zignago At The Grammys And Recounts Her Fascinating Success Story