Alizzz: “You have to pay for the Latin Grammys. The ones they give you for the photo are really bad”


He’s the musical king Midas, everything he touches turns to gold! Cristian, better known as Alizzz, comes to yu, don’t miss anything to tell us about his debut album, There has to be something else.

Alizzz has just released There must be something else, an album in which we find collaborations with Amaia, Rigoberta Bandini or C. Tangana, with whom he has already worked numerous times. In fact, Alizzz has been the thinking mind behind many of the projects on The Madrileño. After succeeding as a producer, the singer takes the lead with the premiere of his debut solo album.

Although his name is Cristian and his stage name is Alizzz, for a time they called him Pisu. “They put it on me in the schoolyard, the older ones gave it to me, I played football quite well and as they saw me as a little boy they told me that I looked like Pisuke, a character from a Japanese series by the same cartoonist as Goku. Pisuque, pisu … My friends in town keep calling me like that, “he says.

His baptism as Alizzz came more than ten years ago. “It was the name I gave myself when I came back from Berlin, I learned a lot to produce there, a lot of things at night too … When I arrived in Barcelona I had songs that sounded better than what I had done before and I called Alizzz because I was cool with Alicia in it. Wonderland, I also wanted something a little androgynous, that it was not known who was behind it, to play the distraction “, he recalls.

The title of this first album as artists in There must be something else Like he’s looking for something “I wish I knew what it is, I see it as I have a need to see what is next, the next thing that will make me vibrate, I am always in that search,” he says. “The journey to things makes me happy, I am not able to rejoice, I already think about the following,” he assures. It motivates him to build something big but not everything is always so beautiful, the artist recognizes that sometimes the pressure is overwhelming.

You are no longer worth it, with C. Tangana: “The song is about my fear as an artist of losing its shine”

For the topic No longer vouchers, one of his collaborations with Tangana, has wanted to deal with the subject of sudden fame and the subsequent descent into the infernos of anonymity. “The song is about my fear as an artist to lose my shine, magic, inspiration, and suddenly plummet. It happens to 80% of artists. It is something that I talk a lot with colleagues in the guild. For the video we wanted working with an actress who already had an artistic journey that would like to tell this meta-story. She had a couple and it was incredible, “he says.

“C. Tangana and I don’t have much idea”

Alizzz recognizes that he has never trained musically speaking and that although perseverance, effort and work have paid off, luck and intuition have also had a lot to do with his success. “I’m a telecom engineer, I knew a lot, now I no longer remember. I haven’t studied anything about music, people have taught me things and tricks that work. C. Tangana and I don’t have much idea, we rely more on intuition than theory. For pop music it is a blessing rather than a bad thing, “he acknowledges.

His relationship with C. Tangana and the success of El Madrileño

How would you define your relationship with Pucho? “We argue very little. We have been in extreme situations, we have had crises of many types but we always solve them. We always go ahead and the truth is that I do not see myself in the future without going into the studio with him. We have such a good time, it’s like our place, we go to confession there and we fart, it’s like a spiritual place, “he explains.

You can see Alizzz at minute 24:

“The Latin Grammy with which you take the photos are bad”

This same year he has been recognized with three Latin Grammys. “We propose something within the culture, we don’t just make commercial successes. We have an artistic proposal, we have been doing it for years, and now El Madrileño has connected with many people. We thought it was going to be a niche and that four would listen to it “, reveals the artist, who has won three of the six awards for which he was nominated.

But winning a Latin Grammy is not free. In order to take the gramophone home, you have to pay. “They are not cheap, you have to pay for them, they have told me some prices … “, explains the artist, who confesses that the ones that appear in the photocall are fake. “You take the photos with one of the sticks”, He says. “In the press area you have to say ‘I am such’ and you give them the ID, they look at it and they say ‘okay, you have three Grammys’ and they give them to you for the photos,” he adds.

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Alizzz: “You have to pay for the Latin Grammys. The ones they give you for the photo are really bad”