Altafonte turned local presence into nominations and Latin GRAMMYs

Last year we also interviewed in Las Vegas Inma Grass, founder and partner of Altafonte just when they had just completed the regional presence with offices in all the main countries, and stood out with 14 nominations. This year they celebrated 26 nominations as a result of their work in all countries and here he highlighted it with two artists nominated in Best New Artist What Sofia Campos Y Silvana Estrada, which was a winner. Liniker, the first Transgender artist to win a Latin Grammy, Hamilton from the Netherlands, Bala Desejo, Aymee Nuviola and Gonzálo Rubalcaba. They had nominations for Best Mexican Regional with Rough and many high-level artists, such as Susana Baca, Pedro Guerra, Criolo or Jorge Luis Chacin. They have even signed this year Julieta Venegaswhich was in a nomination along with Bad Bunny.

At the Southern Cone level, the Quartet of Us they are breaking it from Uruguay, The Caligaris, Elder brother Stern, lysander Aristimuno, Adrian Berra, John C. either Princess Sunrise and have to manuel garcia de Chile, a powerhouse that generates singer-songwriters, like Camila Moreno, Schuster, Benjamin Walker, Dulce y Agraz, Yorka, Diego Lorenzini, Paz Court, Gepe and many more. Inma added: ‘We have local artists in all countries, we are part of the local industry with teams of great professionals and marketing experts from each country. We like the cultural biodiversity of the planet and supporting roots music is part of our DNA. In Argentina you have to have figures of folklore, tango, Cumbia, Mexican Regional in Mexico, Sartanejo or MPB in Brazil, a country with one of the most important growth for Altafonte thanks to a local team and a roster of high-level artists . We support talent and new creators of urban, indie, rock music. Electronics and more alternative scenes.

This has been a year of consolidation, we have grown very quickly and hired many people and we want to continue growing and be a power in Latam with our vision as a Boutique company and artist centeric. We adapt flexibly to the needs of artists. We develop cutting-edge technology for music and our technological development tools en casa they are among the best in the world, according to Berkley’s director of Music Business.

BCorp Distinction for Performance Excellence
Another emphasis that Inma placed was that they received the Bcorp certification of excellence, which is granted by the non-profit organization BLab, born in the United States and present throughout the world. It is one of the most important certifications in the world and measures performance in all areas of the company. Being BCorp means having a triple impact: financial, environmental and social for the community. Other companies that have this certification are Danone, Natura, Patagonia or Nespresso.

Inma added: ‘We have worked for more than a year to achieve this, having to implement processes and create documents such as the code of ethics, the anti-corruption code, demonstrate how we pay taxes in each country, what salaries, vacations, incentives, medical insurance, training programs, etc…we have and truly be a company with human values ​​and a diverse team: 64% of the management positions in our countries are women’, he emphasized, as can be seen in Argentina with Miracles Amorenain Chile with Cecilia Huerta. equator with Dew SourceUnited States with Alina EscarcegaItaly with Giulia Giampietro or Portugal with Nuria Pinto. The Director of Altafonte Publishing is also a woman, Heloisa Aydar based in Brazil.

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Altafonte turned local presence into nominations and Latin GRAMMYs