Ángel Pututi: Another Cuban nominated for the Latin Grammy 2022

Cuban singer and songwriter Ángel Pututi is also on the list of artists nominated for the 2022 Latin Grammy Awards.

The presence of Cuban artists among the nominees for the 2022 Latin Grammy Awards continues to be increasingly noticeable. This, as a result of his fabulous talent and great creativity, which has allowed many of our musicians to become visible to the world.

Consequently, the work of artists such as Cuban composer Ángel Pututi did not go unnoticed and could soon receive a Latin Grammy.

Possibly, some will wonder what is the work that led this West Indian to the selection of the most outstanding artists of Latin music. However, everything was very well explained through the publication that Bea César, Pututi’s wife, shared on social networks.

According to the singer, Ángel Pututi would have worked together with Gente de Zona on the album that gave them the Latin Grammy nomination. Let’s remember that the record production “From minor to major” was nominated no less than in the category of “Best Tropical Album”.

Apparently, Pututi’s work for the development of the album was not just any nonsense, since he worked as a composer, producer and engineer. In a few words, the artist served as one of the main masterminds behind the development of such a fabulous musical album.

Therefore, if this album by Gente de Zona receives the Latin Grammy, it is an award that Ángel Pututi would also be obtaining. Thus, she was informed Latin Recording Academythrough an email congratulating him on this well-deserved nomination.

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Ángel Pututi’s talent very present at the Latin Grammy 2022

As we mentioned, without a doubt, there are many contributions by Ángel Pututi that allowed Gente de Zona to be nominated for the Latin Grammys 2022. However, the talent of this artist not only favored Randy Malcom and Álex Delgado to be among the nominees .

In addition to being the brains behind the album “De menor a mayor”, Pututi contributed to the success of two other artists nominated for this award.

Likewise, Ángel Pututi composed two of the songs on the album Pa’Allá Voy, which gave Marc Anthony 3 Latin Grammy nominations. In fact, the Puerto Rican competes with Gente de Zona in the “Best Tropical Album” category, and has nominations for “Record of the Year” and “Album of the Year.”

These great achievements of the artist are cause for celebration for all Cubans, especially those who value good music. Therefore, Bea César did not contain the emotion for such fabulous news, and she dedicated a heartfelt congratulations to her husband on social networks.

“I know that it is difficult for you to recognize your achievements but they deserve to be exposed and shown after so many years of work, dedication, effort and acquired knowledge”, he explained. “It has not been given away… Almost 30 years of career are to be applauded and revered,” she then added.

Apparently, this is not the first time that Ángel Pututi’s work has been among the nominations for the Latin Grammy Awards. In 2018 he was nominated for, and won, the award for “Tropical Fusion Album” with “Como Anillo Al Dedo”, by Aymée Nuviola.

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Ángel Pututi: Another Cuban nominated for the Latin Grammy 2022