Anitta at the Latin Grammys: What do the stars say about the Brazilian singer?

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This last year has been quite active internationally for Anittawho shone on the red carpet at the Latin Grammys, where in addition to appearing on stage and interpreting “Envolver”, she served as one of the hostesses.

The artist has had a success that was playing on the radios of many countries, which It also went viral with the dance challenge, with the dance step that has been associated with it ever since.

That is why We tell you more about this great artist from the hand of Astrology, analyzing specific and main points of her Astral Chart, such as: Sun, Moon and Ascendant, which help to understand in a general way the personality of each being.

Before continuing, it should be noted that in Astrology the Sun interprets the identity and someone’s essence, while the Moon talks about how people feel and live their emotions Y the Ascendant is an astrological point that refers to how we show ourselves to the world in addition to one of the energies that we come to integrate in this life.

Anitta at the Latin Grammys: What do the stars say about the Brazilian singer?

The Brazilian artist was born on March 30, 1993, which means that your solar sign is Aries, which is of the fire element, which gives energy and movement to the natives of this sign, in addition to impulsiveness, security and determination to go for what they want, in addition to not being afraid to venture out and explore the world.

Is this also a zodiac sign that stands out for starting paths and for being quite pioneers, which I could appreciate with the fact that Anitta, with her song “Envolver” she has become the first Brazilian and Latina female artist to lead the Global Top 50 list with a solo song, according to Vogue.

Secondly, the Moon was in Cancer when the artist came into the world, which makes her live her emotions very sensitively, always looking for protection in their loved ones, avoiding showing vulnerability with anyone.

This is because The sign of the crab is one that stands out for being one of those who need the most support from their loved ones, since they always seek to be taken care of or they take care of someone else.. Those who have this lunar position also stand out for having great intuition and a high level of empathy with others.

Anitta’s Ascendant is Capricorn, which makes her look very sure of herself in front of others and that probably throughout her life she has had to learn not to be so impulsive and to think carefully about what steps to take, since The people who have this astral position are the ones who have come to learn to give their lives a secure structure, in addition to achieving stability through effort and discipline.

For them it is key that they learn to support themselves and be their safe place, giving themselves the care that they sometimes tend to ask for outside, so that they can take responsibility for their needs.

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Anitta at the Latin Grammys: What do the stars say about the Brazilian singer?