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athenarecognized and versatile artist who has performed in 20 countries and more than 150 cities in Latin America, the United States and Europe, is celebrating with his Latin GRAMMY®-nominated album “Alfa y Omega”, as a banner of inspirational music Christian.

About her album, the artist describes it as “a mixture of melodic pop and ‘praise & worship’ in Spanish, with a Catholic imprint, adapted to the taste of our audience.”

“The message that I want to share through this Alpha and Omega is to look back at the most important thing, the most transcendent, in Jesus. At a time when everything seems fleeting and leaves us unsatisfied, we want to invite everyone to look at Him, who came to fill the voids in our hearts and give us life in abundance” concludes.

Athenas is an independent artist with more than 250 million views on her YouTube videos, and her channel is in the top 10 most subscribed among female singers in Argentina.

She writes her own songs together with her husband, Tobias Butelerincluding the 10 tracks from the nominated album.

Alpha and Omega was published thanks to the contribution of the community in a crowdfunding campaign. The musical production of the 10 songs was in charge of three different professionals; the main producer, who worked on eight tracks, was Shawn Williamsof Papercastle Records (Nashville, TN, USA). Producers also participated. matthew rhodo from Argentina and Gerson Perez, Venezuelan based in Spain, producing a song each.

As relevant data, we find that the song “El Cielo Para Ti” was composed and recorded for the final credits of the film “Sagrado Corazón, Corazón Ardiente”, which was released in twenty-one countries in Europe and America, breaking records for moviegoers with Christian values. Additionally, it includes the song “Perhaps I’m Not Here” (Guadalupe) based on the words of the Virgin of Guadalupe when she appeared to Saint Juan Diego. This story is well known in Mexico and the Spanish-speaking world. The theme had a great reception from the audience, with more than 3.5 million views on YouTube.

Athenas, based in Nashville, Tennessee, United States, had great success in her tour of Texas, California, Connecticut, Tennessee, South Carolina, Pennsylvania and Florida.

In Miami, tickets sold out quickly, with a sold-out concert of more than 1,300 people, and in Dallas a second performance had to be added due to the speed with which tickets sold.

For the Latin GRAMMY®, Athenas is breaking different records and traditions. As for her nomination for “Best Christian Album”, this year she is the only woman nominated in the category, the only independent artist, the first Argentine female artist and the first Catholic female artist to receive a nomination.

In turn, this album is the only album nominated this year made independently, without having any record label, but was made thanks to a crowdfunding campaign.

Before the Latin GRAMMY® nomination, Athenas says “I feel it as a gift from God that exceeds what one could dream of. I have a feeling of great gratitude to Him and to all those who support our ministry.”

Athenas’ album “Alfa y Omega” is available on all digital platforms and its Latin Grammy nomination has generated a milestone for Catholic music with a positive and inspirational message:

“Alfa y Omega is an invitation to live looking at the sky. That’s why we gave it that name. It is an expression that Jesus uses to refer to himself in the Word of God. It is the first and last letter of the Greek alphabet, and it means that He is the “beginning and end” of all things. From Him we come and to Him we return.”

Information and photography courtesy Minaya PR

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ATHENAS Celebrates “Alfa y Omega” Latin Grammy Nomination – Wow La Revista