Bolivian after the Grammy: “The third was the charm”

WINNERS. Vladimir Suárez, his son Jaden and his wife Sophia León, in an interview via Zoom.

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“The third time was the charm”, says in an interview with CORREO DE SUR the family of Bolivian Vladimir Suárez, winner of the Latin Grammy Award in the Best Latin Music Album for Children category with his album “To the music party let’s all go ”.

Suárez says that he has lived in Mexico since 1997, where he came in search of opportunities for his musical career, which began in Santa Cruz, where he is from.

There he met Sophia León, his wife, with whom he had Jaden Suárez (eight years): with them he carried out this musical project that was consecrated on November 17 at the 2022 Latin Grammy Awards, in Las Vegas (USA). . He points out that together with them there is a group of Bolivians who joined efforts to make this achievement a reality. This is a team that works in Mexico.


Suárez relates that he began in music from a very young age, since his parents, Bella Arredondo and Carmelo Suárez, formed the Guajojó Duo 54 years ago.

“My life in Santa Cruz was always full of art. I had the happiness that my parents enrolled me in the Integral Institute of Fine Arts, where since I was a child I learned the basics of performing, plastic and musical arts”.

After having completed his academic education, he was inclined towards music, so he looked for production schools outside the borders of Bolivia. Argentina, Spain and Mexico were the options and, finally, he opted for the latter.

He says that he arrived there in 1997 with a suitcase, a guitar and 200 dollars in his pocket, but also with the faithful conviction that one day he would achieve his dreams.

And that day came… Suárez and his family set up a music production company, with which they also help other Bolivians and artists from around the world to grow in their respective careers.


After a lot of work and dedication to music, Suárez achieved the long-awaited gramophone with his work “A la fiesta de la música vamos todos”, an album inspired by children.

This was the third Latin Grammy nomination for the Bolivian artist. The previous ones were in 2017 and in 2020.

The first time, he got to compete with Marc Anthony. In the end, the coveted gramophone did not reach his hands, but being a finalist was already synonymous with triumph. In 2020 he followed the award ceremony from his house, due to the pandemic, like all the Grammy candidates.

But the third time was the charm. Also, this time with a special ingredient: it was not via streaming and his triumph reached different parts of the world.

“It is not difficult to make music, what is difficult is for society to understand that this profession needs to be supported, it needs to be taken seriously,” reflect Suárez and his wife, arguing that the Bolivian is talented and can succeed in music without having to cross the borders.


Bolivian Vladimir Suárez announced that several compatriot artists are included in his project schedule for next year.

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Bolivian after the Grammy: “The third was the charm”