Brandi Carlile: All About the Grammy-Nominated Lesbian Singer

Lesbian singer Brandi Carlile is one of the stars to watch for the 65th Grammy Awards, where she has 7 nominations, including the album of the year category.

Brandi Carlile is a singer which has established itself as one of the celebrities of the most successful sexual diversity of recent timesshe is lesbian and for editing 2023 of the Awards grammy has 7 nominations thanks to your album In These Silent Days (2021). From this disc come the simple “You and Me on the Rock” Y “Broken Horses”which are also on the selection list to win this award.

throughout his career has experimented in genres such as rock, country, Americana and folk. This has made her win 6 Grammy Awards in the past. he has also won acknowledgments As the Billboard Women in Music and the American Music Honors & Awards. Likewise, she has been nominated for the GLAAD Media Award. MEET THE LGBT+ ARTISTS AND MUSICIANS WHO HAVE WON A GRAMMY AWARD.

Next, We leave you one of her songs so you can get to know her more and know the reason why it currently has so much recognition in the world of music.

Who is Brandi Carlile and what has she done in her career?

Brandi Carlile was born in Washington, United States, on June 1, 1981. Some of the instruments he knows how to play are the piano, the guitar and the banjo. Of course, her voice is one of her work tools, since she is a singer-songwriter of the music she interprets. MEET LINIKER, THE FIRST TRANS WOMAN TO WIN A LATIN GRAMMY AWARD.

As a curious fact that not everyone knows you should know that some of his songs have been used in popular TV shows. To take a few examples, the tunes “Tragedy”, “What Can I Say”, “Throw It All Away” and “Turpentine” have sounded in the Serie Grey’s Anatomy (Shonda Rhimes, 2005).

Another fact that perhaps not everyone knows about her is that Brandi Carlile had a cameo appearance in the Academy Award-nominated film Oscar awards in 2018: A Star Is Born (Bradley Cooper, 2018). There worked together to another musical star, Lady Gaga. CZECH WHEN GAY SINGER TJ OSBORNE WON A GRAMMY AWARD FOR THE SONG ABOUT HIS COMING OUT.

Here we leave you the video of the scene where he sings and plays the guitar:

Brandi Carlile’s personal life

Brandi Carlile is a woman who already married to Catherine Shepherd since 2012. next to Shepherd they have 2 daughters. Carlile declared herself a lesbian since 2002.

Brandi Carlile (standing in the center) with her wife and daughters / Photo: Instagram (@brandicarlile)

Since then, the singer has been an advocate for the rights of LGBT+ people. She is also a donor to causes such as the global crisis of minors who must be refugees in various parts of the world because of the war. Since 2008 he created the Looking Out Foundation together with Phil Hanseroth in order to do charity work.

Likewise, Outside of music and humanitarian work, Brandi Carlile is a woman who loves animals.. In his house he has cats, dogs, horses and even poultry.

Did you know this about the multi-nominated Grammy Award-winning singer?

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Brandi Carlile: All About the Grammy-Nominated Lesbian Singer