British guitarist Jeff Beck, winner of eight Grammy Awards, dies

british musician Jeff Beck He has died of bacterial meningitis. The relatives of the artist who is considered one of the most important guitarists of the rock history They have reported his passing asking for “privacy” to “process this tremendous loss.”

The news has traveled the social networks and has been a hard blow for his followers and other artists in the world. The member of the Kiss group Gene Simmons He has mourned his loss and what it means to the world of rock that he passed away because “nobody played the guitar like him.” Similarly, the member of The Rolling Stones Ronnie Wood He has expressed his condolences and recalled that they started together to “conquer America” ​​and the rock industry.

With an innovative style, Beck managed to earn a place in the rock hall of famewhere names like Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, Chuck Berry, Jimmy Hendrix, James Brown either Stevie wonder share a seat with the British guitarist.

Eight Grammys for the legend Beck

In an extensive professional career, he went on to win up to eight Grammy Awards, the first in 1985. His musical career was influenced by his experimental and daring music, fusing two styles: jazz and the rock.

In 1976, the artist received his first nomination for the most important awards on the American music scene for his pop instrumental interpretation of the song Wired. However, she would not win until her second nomination –produced nine years later– when she published Exhaust.

With the exception of the 1989 award for his interpretation of Jeff Beck’s Guitar Shopthe rest of the gramophones received them between 2001 and 2010 for the best interpretation rock instrumentalDirty Mind, Plan B, A Day in the Life-, better vocal collaborationimagine– and better interpretation pop instrumental Nessum Dorma Y hammerhead–.

Yardbirds: The Garden Birds and the Becks

After playing the guitar to discover that it was his passion, even more than in the choir where he learned what music could mean to him, Beck joined the Yardbirds (in Spanish, the garden birds) in 1965 to replace Eric Claptonwell-known musician for topics like layla–. In just 20 months, the time that the music group lasted, they managed to reach their maximum splendor in 1966 with the album Roger the Engineer.

In 1968 he left the band “los pájaros de jardín” to launch a separate career with The Jeff Beck Group and create his first solo album: Truth. Finally, after the breakup of Jeff Beck’s group, the collaborations began.

From the Yardbirds to solo music and collaborations

Beck, born in Wallington (London), has come to perform songs with the most relevant musicians of the 70s, 80s and 90s. Bon Jovi, mitch mitchell, linda ronstadt, Tina Turner, Mick jagger, Rod Stewart either Roger Waters are some of the names. The performance that has left more evidence of success in his collaborations is that of stairway to heaven in tune with Jimmy Page Y Eric Claptonalthough his collaboration with The Pretenders in Legalize Me it has not been left behind for the fans either.

The last song, also a collaboration, was published in 2020 with the company of the controversial actor and singer Johnny Depp. isolationa version of John Lennon’s theme, is the latest creation from the guitarist who became one of the best in the world of rock.

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British guitarist Jeff Beck, winner of eight Grammy Awards, dies