BTS: What did RM say about the Grammys that caused such a stir?

bts keeps your schedule busy more than ever. The successful grouping k pop is performing the concerts of the four dates confirmed in Las Vegas for April 8, 9, 15 and 16 with the show known as “Permission To Dance on Stage”. These presentations take place after the boyband’s attendance at the 2022 Grammy Awards, in which they were nominated for Best Pop Duo or Group with their single “Butter.”

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This single was presented on the night of the Grammys, the performance received applause from the audience and good reviews from the media. Nonetheless, BTS did not win the coveted award for the category mentioned above and ARMY was not happy with the result. After numerous rumors about the Grammys and his preference for certain artists; The members of BTS performed a live in which they talked with ARMY about how they felt after not winning the category.

The Bangtan boys stated on Vlive that they wanted to win the award as a thank you to ARMY’s dedication and that they had even prepared a speech. BTS leader Kim Namjoon noted: “We are a little sad, right? It’s because we worked so hard that we felt it was a shame.”

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Here we share a thread with the Vlive and its respective translation:

But this statement is not the one that would cause such a stir on the networks; Namjoon would give another speech that would cause a stir on day 1 of the Permission to dance on stage Las Vegas show. The rapper pointed out the following during the concert:

Guys, we’ve heard a lot about what happened at the Grammys but you know who gives a f*ck about that? Hate is your freedomthey have the right to hate but I prefer to go to a cafe with my friends and forget about it. I’m an adult so I’m not going to tweet anything about it. Anyway, we didn’t come to Vegas for the Grammys, we came for ARMYs. Records and titles are important but not paramount, that was not the reason we started this. Our first reason to do it is always the fans.

We started by spending these two hours here, dancing, singing, seeing each other. This communication with you is why we do all of this. I hope they know I love them, and let the haters hate and the lovers love. Love you very much.”

Following this statement from RM, ARMY trended “Namjoon” and supported his idol in this important message as the leader of BTS. In the following paragraph we leave you the video of Namjoon’s statements in D-1 of PTD on stage Las Vegas:

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BTS: What did RM say about the Grammys that caused such a stir?