Caloncho talks about his Grammy nomination

the mexican singer Caloncho he has always stood out for making music for himself, composing songs that are in tune with what he feels and what he thinks; if that makes people connect with his lyrics, he’s even happier and even though he doesn’t work for awards, he does appreciate when they come.

He recently found out that he is nominated for the latin grammy in the category of Best Singer-Songwriter Album for marshmallowand confesses that it was something that he really did not imagine.

“This news came to me as a chapter of gratitude, honestly I did not expect it; one works and continues to work on what one is passionate about and this recognition, although it is personal, is also for the entire audience”, Caloncho mentioned in an interview with MILLENNIUM.

“I was in Peru on a tour of South America, and it dawned on me with this news; what a good way to wake up, it’s something nice that filled me with gratitude; I received messages from friends, managers, it was a great day and a beautiful moment”, he added.

For the interpreter of “Brillo Mío” it is very important to dedicate himself to his greatest love, which is music, he is clear about what he wants to tell and what stories he can develop, understanding that feelings arise within him. Since 2011 that he released his first EP, homeothermhas not stopped and wants to continue discovering himself through his songs.

“To make songs I connect with a creative part, I do not associate it with me, but with the vital energy of what we are, because we are all oneself, a ball of entity much larger than what we see, music is a being a creative channel to emit vibrations in which we feed back this vital energy”, Caloncho mentioned.


On his most recent album Buen Pez, after the nominee marshmallowcaptures the meaning of good vibes, of “good pex”, where it shows its side of transformation, of growth, and develops a plot that leaves the positive side of human beings.

And to share it with his audience, he will offer a concert at the Teatro Metropólitan on November 24, in which he will show the latest from this fourth album of his musical career.

“For me, a concert is a spiritual decision, it is connecting with something of yourself, the songs make you generate that connection; there you can find some explanation or conclusions to something you were looking for. That is beautiful, finding a balance between the rational and the sentimental; You will see what we have for this one”, mentioned the singer.

“We are going to enjoy and go through the full palette of emotions, when I go to concerts I love to dance, laugh, cry; I think that’s beautiful, that’s why I say that the decision to attend a show is something spiritual and the good fish will be present, in addition to my other albums”, he added.

“Palmar”, “We are instants” and “Chupetazos” are some of the songs Caloncho has left the taste of the public, even when there are other types of genres currently playing.

“There is music for everyonethere are megatrends and audiences with megashows and big shows, I consider that there is always room for everyone; everyone believes in what they are seeing, one has the power to turn something into a trend, create their own rules of the game, one brings their own pan and handle. If you are looking to be the best, it depends on you, because you are also making a particular audience and that is also an emotion, you are looking for your own speech, your path and your own narrative, “he mentioned.

Currently, the native of Ciudad Obregón is on tour, he will offer a concert in CAncún this October 7, and then in Mérida on October 8.

On tour

The native of Ciudad Obregón will offer a concert tomorrow in Cancun and on Saturday he will be in Mérida, and then go to Spain.

Their songs

“Palmar”, “We are instants” and “Chupetazos” are some of the songs that Caloncho has left in the taste of the public.


The Sonoran is nominated for the award that the Academy will award in the category of Best Singer-Songwriter Album.


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Caloncho talks about his Grammy nomination