Cande and Paulo, confessions of a Grammy-nominated couple from San Juan

Music, his beloved music, has given Cande Buasso and Paulo Carrizo a Latin Grammy Award nomination that even they don’t stop believingbut for which they are preparing with all the illusion and emotion of the world.

The grand gala will be on November 17but before they went through Tiempo de San Juan to share feelings and expectations for this great dream that they never thought would come true.

“We are living the previous awards ceremony with great happiness and trying to land a little because we still feel a little incredible.. At the moment, we continue with our normal life, but very happy, “said Paulo, who also shared how they received the news.

“I was teaching, I went to the bathroom and when I looked at the phone I saw that it was full of messages. I didn’t understand what was happening and when I saw that we were just nominated, she called me Cande and we started screaming. I went back to class, kind of upset by the news, and told the boys. That’s where we finished the class”, confessed the keyboardist of this duo that he has already begun to be from airports and trips abroad part of his daily life.

Cande and Paulo in San Juan Time

As for the ‘outfit’ that they will wear at the Michelob Ultra Arena in Las Vegas, Cande indicated: “We still don’t know what we’re going to wear to the award ceremony. It’s very strange, but other people are seeing that, our manager. Maybe it’s a Gucci dress, red, right?

“I think everyone has ever flashed having an award and giving thanks”, Cande

For his part, Paulo was grateful not to have to deal with this important aspect: “We don’t know, but I think it’s better because we often get into an argument about clothing. It’s kind of catastrophic. Better that they choose it.”

Of course, advice on how to live a moment like this is also reaching this talented couple from San Juan. “He called us Gabriel Abud, director of the Latin Grammy Academy, and told us to enjoy it very much, that it was a very special moment for us to have been nominated. Beyond winning or not, the nomination is something very important for life. And he also told us that we were in a very special category because it is like the entrance to the academy. We also spoke with our manager and Sebastián Krys, who is a great Argentine-American producer, and they told us the same thing, that you don’t have to be so worried about whether you win or not, but about enjoying the four and five days that we are going to be In Las Vegas. And they also suggested that we drink a lot of water because it is hotter than in San Juan”, expressed Paulo with the collaboration of Cande, demonstrating that the connection of the exquisite binomial is at all times.

“We all imagine ourselves with a Grammy, but it’s something so crazy that you never think it could happen” Paulo

Regarding the artists that will cross paths on the big night of the Latin Grammys, the boys are quite clear. “Sofía Campos, Eruka Sativa, Marilina Bertoldi and Fito Páez, you don’t know him, but we would love to. And internationals will be Juanes, Christina Aguilera and many high-level artists with enormous careers”, Cande and Paulo reviewed before adding: “We know that there is a protocol in case you win, where you have to go up and where to talk, but the rest We understand that it is very quiet. There will be times to get together, to talk, to meet people, so I’m sure we’ll take photos.”

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Cande and Paulo, confessions of a Grammy-nominated couple from San Juan