Catholic singer-songwriter Athenas performs in Weston

Athenas, who had already performed in Miami, also recalled her beginnings in music, philosophized about the shortcomings of humanity and reiterated her mission: to evangelize through her songs.

In addition, he talked about what the nomination he obtained in the 2023 edition of the Latin Grammy Awards means, in the category of best Christian album.

– How did you discover that you wanted to sing and then dedicate that gift to a greater reason: to evangelize?

In my family there was always a lot of music. My mom sings and my dad taught me my first song when I was 6 years old. They always supported me with music. At the age of 10 I participated in Cantaniño, a singing reality show for children, on the most popular channel in Argentina. I won, and with 4 other children, and with the group that was formed we did many concerts, tours and television. That marked me strongly.

On the other hand, also in my family they always transmitted the faith to me in a very nice way, with very strong values ​​and also a Jesus who was alive and who loved me. At 15 years old, I was able to unite those two worlds in a youth group and I felt, for the first time, that God was telling me that this was going to be my mission: to bring people closer to him through music.

– What message would you like to share through your music?

My wish is that my music be a channel for people to meet Jesus, whether in a moment of prayer or in their daily lives. We also want our music and videos to be a channel to show the beauty of our Catholic faith and to be able to feel healthy “proud” of having this faith.

– Could you imagine interpreting worldly music? If you had to choose a genre, what would it be?

Before making Christian music, I had the opportunity to sing all kinds of genres and I had a very broad artistic training. The good thing is that today I can use all those genres, but with a content of faith. I didn’t imagine that I was going to dedicate myself to Catholic Christian music, so at one point I thought a lot about musical theater, although I also had rock, pop, even tango and folklore bands.

If today I had to choose one… how difficult! I’d have to think about it… Maybe pop, romantic ballads… I really don’t know! (laughs).

– From your Christian perspective, what would you say the world lacks most today?

I believe that today the world needs to return to God, because he is the one who created us, who knows what is best for us as the good father he is and who can fill the voids in our hearts. Godless people wander aimlessly after things that leave them empty and often destroyed. Above all, now in a time where culture does not help, but confuses. That is why it is important to be testimonials and announce it on time and at the wrong time. Everyone is looking for it deep down!

– What are some of the songs you will sing?

It is a worship concert of just over 2 hours, so we will sing a large part of our repertoire, including the best known as with you Maria, how good it is here, praiseworthy Y Am I not here?

– How do you feel about singing again in South Florida?

We are very happy, since this year we did not plan to do concerts. Before, we used to do about 50 a year and that’s why doing these very few makes each one very, very special. The response from my brothers in Miami was impressive and they are organizing everything with great care. I am sure that it will be a beautiful night full of Jesus and to share in the church.

– What does this Latin Grammy nomination mean?

A dream that we had not even dared to dream, but God is like that, he always beats us in dreams and in generosity. It is a great opportunity for Catholic music to continue taking steps and growing to be that channel of encounter with God. We are very happy.

Athenas performs Saturday, October 1, at 8:30 pm, at St. Katharine Drexel Catholic Church, 2501 South Post Rd., Weston, Florida. Phone: (954) 839-5326.

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Catholic singer-songwriter Athenas performs in Weston