Close to the Latin Grammys

When the applause of their European tour still resounds, Cande Buasso and Paulo Carrizo received another piece of good news for their professional and personal lives. “We are in consideration for the Latin Grammy Awards!!!!!!!! Thanks to you. I hope you continue to accompany us and send good vibes as always!’, they wrote on their Facebook account and congratulations and encouragement rained down on them. As they specified, the members of the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences set their sights on their debut album, Cande y Paulo, which was released in June of last year, continues to make its way while they prepare a new job and could take them to two nominations: Best New Artist and Best Latin Jazz Album.

“We don’t really know who proposed it, we assume it’s not just one person,” San Juan residents told DIARIO DE CUYO, who believe that what has been taken into account to put them under the microscope is “the artistic proposal, the quality and how the artist’s career advances’.

“The album has an important position, it is a work of art in many ways. It really has a lot of work. It was recorded at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles, produced by a true music legend like Larry Klein, and not to mention the musicians who joined us, Anthony Wilson, Diana Krall’s guitarist, and Avril Lavigne and Alanis Morisette’s drummer, Victor Indrizzo.We didn’t use synthesizers but designed all the sounds on the album song by song, which gave it an original sound. We believe that all that work and quality must have a certain weight to be on the list,’ the duo explained, receiving the news from their manager.

“A few days ago we got a message from Niko. I was having lunch with a friend and he saw my surprised face looking at my cell phone, so he made me pay for dessert. I ran home and Cande found out. Imagine the joy and the hug. There we just made a call with our manager and the team’s people. It was a joy to get here. And then to tell family and friends,’ Paulo recalled.

It won’t be long before we know whether or not their names will be on the short lists, although in these cases the wait can be very long. According to the released agenda, the nominees will be announced on September 20 and the gala will take place on November 17.

“If they nominate us… channnnn! We have to get rich and travel to Las Vegas! And if we win, celebrate! hahaha,’ laughs Cande. “Obviously it would be nice to stay and live the experience of being there, but beyond all what a Grammy means, we must not forget that it is an award. An award that we would be happy to have, because it is the award for the effort and work of many people; and all the support from our fans. We feel that people deserve this, because they are the ones who listen to the songs, the one who supports us every day, gives us encouragement,’ she reflected.

“Having come this far is a lot. It fills us with pride and emotion. We live it with gratitude and as we always say, the most important thing is to be focused on the music and on improving’, Paulo valued, aware as his partner that being in the conversation, as they say, is already an achievement in itself. “We always believe that you have to take everything calmly and not forget your true goals, such as learning, playing better, studying and making the best music possible,” added Cande.

Exactly on that path, the duo continue with their seeding and expanding their horizons even more. “More news is coming soon, but we are very happy to tell you that we will have a tour of South America. In November through Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and Buenos Aires. Also, we are going to do collaborations with other artists, so we are working hard for that, “they advanced, happy with their present and with their projects.

According to the announced schedule, on September 20 the nominees for the 23rd will be announced. Annual Latin Grammy Awards. The 30th of that month will be the final round of voting. And on November 17 the Award Ceremony in Las Vegas.

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Close to the Latin Grammys