Colombian Music Artists You Should Pay Attention To in 2023

Definitely 2022 was the year of concerts for Colombia. This is indisputable when artists like Harry Styles, Coldplay, Dua Lipa, Rosalía and more filled the most important music venues in the country.

However, we must also pay attention to the national musical proposal that is getting stronger and stronger. In fact, there are many Colombian artists whose names are starting to sound more frequently in the international arena.

So we’ve picked some local artists that, based on the work they’ve done this year, we’ll surely be hearing more of in 2023. Let’s get started.

elsa and elmar

Photo: Courtesy Elsa and Elmar

This bumanguesa who sings about love, heartbreak and the beauty of letting go when it’s time has been in the music industry for some time, but recently received several Latin Grammy nominations. Among them nothing more and nothing less than one of the most important categories, Album of the Year for We are no longer the same, his latest musical installment.

Listening to this piece is walking with her through her emotions, her pain, her forgiveness and her frankness from a closeness that not all artists manage to offer in the industry.

Elsa will begin 2023 with a tour of some cities in Mexico, but she will also visit Colombia in next year’s edition of the Estéreo Picnic Festival, so many of her fans will have the pleasure of seeing her on stage.

Three recommended songs to meet Elsa and Elmar: Eyes Night, how far he falls in love, Greece.

Juliana Velasquez

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Photo: Courtesy Mun Entertainment

The Bogotá artist who started out as part of El Club 10 in Colombia has had her name recorded in a Latin Grammy when she won in the Best New Artist category (2021).

And yes, Juliana could be one of the biggest promises in the Colombian industry at the moment, not only because of the success she had TWO TWO TWO, her latest studio album, or because she is part of the poster for the 2023 Picnic Stereo Festival, but also because in a short time we will know her as the protagonist of a Disney + series.

an ordinary girl is the Brazilian series that will hit the streaming platform with Juliana as the protagonist, where she will play Alana, a pop star who seeks refuge from her life as a celebrity in a small Brazilian city, where her father lives.

So, without a doubt, Juliana will start 2023 with new proposals that are worth keeping an eye on.

Three recommended songs to meet Juliana: Joaquín, All Life, Disaster Woman.


Colombian Music Artists You Should Pay Attention To in 2023
Photo: / Armenia

This band made up of Juan Antonio Toro, Ricardo Laverde, Daniel Cardona and Simón Ramírez is quickly winning the hearts of Colombian rockers.

So far they have three albums: Armenia, Live, Shout – II, but the releases of his latest singles during 2022 indicate that the fourth record installment is approaching.

With all this, the band gained a large and loyal audience when they performed at the 2022 edition of the Estéreo Picnic Festival and from there they have taken over several stages in the capital throughout this year.

With this in mind, Armenia has built a unique sound that, although it remains rock, also explores other nearby genres and speaks of love, heartbreak, peace, war and loss. It only remains to wait with what they will receive their fans during 2023.

Three recommended songs to get to know Armenia: Violet, Sometimes It Rains, The Weather.


Photo: Courtesy Sony Music Colombia

This is one of the groups that, in our opinion, definitely deserves more recognition in the Colombian industry. Their music ranges from dance songs to ballads perfect for heartbroken listening.

Ventino is made up of Camila Esguerra, Olga Lucía Vives, Natalia Afanador and María Cristina ‘Makis’ de Angulo, each of them artists with an impressive vocal capacity worthy of the stage, where they also put on a show with dance and fashion that should not be look superficially.

Although they started with videos on Youtube making covers of songs, they quickly found a loyal following that took them on international tours and even a White House performance in 2017.

The artists have released several singles and two albums throughout their career years, but by 2023 it seems that the projects of these women are only going up.

They recently announced that they will reach the small screen with ventino, a new musical drama on the Caracol channel where they will star alongside Carolina Gómez and José Ramón Barreto. This is why we will surely be hearing even more from these artists who deserve your applause in 2023.

Three recommended songs to meet Ventino: I was wrong, I don’t look so bad, come with me.

The obvious, but inevitable

Finally, it is worth mentioning two urban artists who have won the attention, the rankings and many concerts this year. Yes, we are talking about Feid and Karol G, the two paisas whose names are among the most listened to in Spotify Wrapped in Latin America and Colombia in general.

During 2022 they managed to make songs like PROVENCE either Happy Birthday Ferxxo They will sound on most radios and nightclubs in the country, Latin America, the United States and more.

In addition, Karol G reached the list of invited artists for Coachella, one of the most important music festivals of the moment, so we only have to wait and see what will be the barriers that these two artists will break in 2023.

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Colombian Music Artists You Should Pay Attention To in 2023