Danny Bahamón: the Bumangués who took his music to the Grammys

Danny Bahamón is a voting member of the Grammys: that means he can vote for the productions that are nominated for the most important award in Latin music.

“It is already a very important step to have that recognition because you have met all the requirements to have it,” says the musician in an interview with Vanguardia.

Of course, to get to this place, Danny Bahamón had to count not only on a successful musical career, but also on the recognition of his peers in the music industry and this is precisely what this bumangués has achieved, placing himself in a prominent position among the best: in 2020, he was recognized with a Latin Grammy for his participation as producer and recording engineer in the song “Soldados” by Alex Campos, which received the award for Best Christian Album in Spanish that year.

Gospel is the music that dominates his heart and that has also earned him a Praise Music Award in 2020, as the best producer of the year.

“This recognition had an additional value because it occurred at a time when we were locked up, working from our homes without being able to go out, without being very physically active, but we were able to go beyond our limits: they put a limitation on us that was ‘don’t go out’ , ‘don’t know each other’, ‘don’t hold meetings’, ‘don’t do nothing’… And we knew how to overcome that”.

Bahamón says that this recognition was very important for him, also because the productions were remote, which meant a challenge in terms of recording.

The bumangués musician received the award recently, since the delivery was delayed, precisely, due to the mobility restrictions that were decreed during the pandemic.

“It is an award not only for me, but also for my parents, my family, who supported me from the beginning. And although other people said: “no, but what are you going to live on from music”, here we are winning prizes, doing many things to keep it flowing and exalt Bucaramanga and the country”.

How was your passion for music born?

“I am half from Guajiro because of my mom and half from Huila because of my dad, I think I have two musical aspects that are too powerful and my family, on both sides, is too musical: all the time there was music in my house and when I was born there was also music. , a lot of music. So much so that I didn’t know how to read, I didn’t know how to write, but it was very easy for me to distinguish the songs.

Danny Bahamón has worked alongside Fonseca, Silvestre Dangond, Katamarán, Fanny Lu, Ciudad Kapital, Andrés Hernández and Tales Roberto.

“I learned the melodies very easily and that is how they realized that I had a very strong inclination for music and they led me to learn. The first instrument I learned was the piano at the age of four.

“I was adopted by Batuta, who greatly influenced my musical training since I was a child and that is how I grew musically in theory and practice.

“After I left Batuta, I learned with Víctor Camacho, a teacher whom I greatly esteemed for everything he did to me musically, all that instruction and character. He is no longer with us, he left, but he left a very big legacy”.

How was your interest in gospel born and how does this genre move in the country?

“The interest in gospel music was born in the American School, which is a Christian school, and little by little I let myself be seduced by that music that exalts God. God fell in love with my heart through music.

“From the moment Alex Campos was proposed to be part of his band to this day, he has been the most representative gospel artist in the country. Because of that we have done an important job of perhaps not putting a label on gospel music just because it talks about God. I say this in quotation marks because really gospel music is still music, it just changes its focus and towards whom it is sung, but it is still music and very important music. Many people are attracted to this music because in one way or another it connects them to God, simple as that.

“In the country, Álex Campos is the most representative, he was even one of the pioneers in making gospel music come out of the four walls of the church and people will begin to listen to it in a different way and feel attracted by the message. ”.

Who is Danny Bahamon?

Danny Bahamón is a music producer, bass player and composer from Bumangué. He studied at the American School and at the Autonomous University of Bucaramanga.

He has shared the stage with world-class artists such as Alex Campos and has been awarded certificates by the Latin Grammy Academy for his expertise as “Producer and Recording Engineer”.

At the same time, his talent has been triggered by the recognition of artists such as Marcela Gandara, Ingrid Rosario, Marcos Witt, Urley Guerrero, Abraham Laboriel, Danilo Montero, among others.

He also received recognition from the Bogotá Gospel Festival, one of the largest Gospel music events in Latin America, as he is “one of the most renowned musicians and music producers of Christian music in Colombia, for which we have requested his participation on several occasions. with their experience within the festival”.

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Danny Bahamón: the Bumangués who took his music to the Grammys