Ecuadorian puts an ‘exclusive’ stamp on independent music

Fabrizio Moreira is an Ecuadorian who has managed to stand out in the world of music thanks to his VIP Music Records project, his music camps and above all the professionalism and humility with which he carries each project that comes into his hands.

His commitment and vision have led him to become part of the voting members of the Grammys. The American rapper Soulja Boy was his first project, but today he has the trust of more than 500 artists that have allowed him to take them to the top of success.

Fabrizio Moreira is originally from Ecuador, he currently resides in the United States, a country in which he was unable to practice his profession, so he dedicated himself to working in construction, unloading trucks, among other activities that did not satisfy him. Some time later, he had the opportunity to create his own marketing project, while he met Welby Accely, his current partner, who introduced him to the world of music to manage the bookings of the American rapper Soulja Boy. “That’s where my first steps in the world of entertainment begin. Thanks to the song “Nigga we made it”, artists like Drake, electronic Jay Z, among others, put my work in the eyes of great Hip Hop talents.

It should be noted that although Fabrizio’s credits do not appear in the song “Nigga we made it”, its success was such that the song generated high numbers and many shows, arousing interest in the issue of royalties, as well as the management of masters and publishing which is the reason why it fully enters the music market.

Thanks to his professionalism and dedication, the American market has opened its doors to him with artists such as Soulja Boy, Tory Lanez, Trippie Red, Kvng Shad, Tech None, among others; while the Latin market, Nio García, Casper Mágico, Snow, Juan Magan, NK, Jacob Forever, Manuel Turizo, Franco El Gorilla, Bryant Myers, to name a few, have sought collaborations with Fabrizio. Both markets allowed him to reach the necessary credits to be part of the voting members of the Grammys. “Being a member of the academy gives you a lot of visibility. It connects you with countless industry professionals”, he expressed.

For Moreira, the commitment is both with new talents and with those already established. From there arises the creation of musical camps, where those interested in publicizing their musical project are allowed to concentrate with the mission of providing them with all the necessary tools to start their artistic career. The camps developed by BMI, as well as the plates certified by the RIAA as a Multiplatinum Producer are part of the achievements that Fabrizio has and that make him stand firm in his goals. “We keep working to get nominations for awards like the Grammys,” he stated.

Once positioned, he took on the task of creating his own record label, VIP Music Records, which distinguishes him within the music industry and has allowed him to promote the careers of various independent talents. “The name of this project arises from the vision of ‘the unattainable’, the exclusive, because we want each project to be unique and to achieve success through the resources that we grant it. Our first project was with Soulja Boy, so it’s a pride to see how far we’ve come with our artists,” he detailed.

Currently, it distributes the music of more than 500 artists worldwide, the label has Dj King Assassin and Konza as music producer, Willsi as main artist, Macabro XII, Perro Perro. “I want to be a part of nurturing talent and getting them ready to become stars. That is why we give workshops and constant talks with new artists in order to guide them and guide them towards their goal. Providing the support that we often seek, but can’t find, that’s what I offer through each of my roles within the industry,” he concluded.

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Ecuadorian puts an ‘exclusive’ stamp on independent music