‘Encanto’ soundtrack could beat Adele and Beyoncé at the 2023 Grammys

From now on, the names of the possible winners of the Grammy 2023 are beginning to sound and, as always, big names in the industry, which have sounded all year, are running to succeed in the most important gala in American music.

The British Adele is the first to rebound with her album 30whose launch resounded around the world and left playing songs like easy on me Y oh my god in all the apps of music streaming. Even the videos of him brought back the nostalgia of times like those of Michael Jackson, telling stories and almost movies in the musical clips of him.

But Adele gets her counterpart, Beyoncé, who also released her latest album this year, renaissancewith a nostalgic conceptual sound with a lot of inclusion meaning. break my soul is at the forefront and a whole media revolution for using well-known melodies and sounds reinterpreted in the best style Queen B.

The battle is between the two divas, just as it happened in 2017, when Adele kept the most wins for her album 25 and its unique Helloleaving behind the great record work of Beyoncé, lemonadewhich even the British herself praised when she received one of her Grammys.

Therein lies the crux of the matter. as published L.A. Timesthe battle today is even more difficult, because the works of the two artists have matured to the point of having the same level that nobody wants to unbalancethat is why other options are being sought within the immense current musical range so as not to have to vote for either of the two divas.

That’s where the soundtrack comes in. CharmDisney’s Oscar-winning movie inspired by Colombia, whose songs swept the charts, especially There is no mention of Bruno; achieved feats such as being No.1 in Billboard Hot 100achievement that I had only obtained A Whole New World of Aladdin.

As one of the voters of the awards told the American media, Charm It would be the perfect option to not choose any diva and still choose a very good production to win the awardbecause the work done by Lin-Manuel Miranda was impeccable, so much so that he received his respective nomination for the Oscars.

In addition, the Grammy nomination would be a milestone, as it would be the first soundtrack for an animated film to be nominated for Album of the Year since 1993, when the film did. Beauty and the Beast.

Even so, there is much more talent to consider for this new edition of the awards. Bad Bunny, with his album A summer without you He is one of the most likely to enter the big categories, not only in the Latin ones.

On the other hand, Taylor Swift, Lizzo and Harry Styles are in the spotlight of the US National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, which has always had a special affinity for young artists.

Another name in Spanish that could appear repeatedly on the list of nominees is that of the Spanish Rosalía, who has achieved great success with her mommynot only in the Spanish-speaking world.

It remains then to wait for the Academy to officially launch the list of nominees and see if indeed There is no mention of Bruno enters the list and in what categories, to see if in fact it has the chance to beat the great divas of the moment, who of course will be there repeatedly and perhaps we can see them on stage on February 5, 2023 in Las Vegas, United States.

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‘Encanto’ soundtrack could beat Adele and Beyoncé at the 2023 Grammys