Eva Ayllón and Susana Baca: These are the albums with which they were nominated for the Latin Grammy 2022

‘Stay at home’ and ‘Palabras urgentes’ by national artists will compete in the Latin Grammys. (Capture)

On the morning of this Tuesday, September 20, it was announced that Eva Ayllon Y Susana Baca are nominated for delivery 23 of the Latin Grammy 2022whose ceremony awards the awards for the recognition of artistic and technical excellence of recorded music in Spanish, Portuguese, among others included in Ibero-America.

Both Peruvian singers will compete in the same category, Best Folk Album, for his recent musical works. On your side, Eva Ayllon will compete with his album ‘Stay at home’which has eight songs that includes a tribute to Chabuca Granda and can be heard on all music platforms.

“This production that was born precisely when we had no choice but to stay home”wrote Eva Ayllon on his official Instagram account with great emotion upon learning that he is once again on the list of nominations at the international awards.

'Stay at home' by Eva Ayllón. (instagram)
‘Stay at home’ by Eva Ayllón. (instagram)

Susana Baca is another Peruvian pride that will be in Las Vegas, United States, on November 17 to face other Latin artists who want to obtain the statuette. The 78-year-old songwriter was nominated for her album “Urgent Words” which was released in mid-2021 and has ten songs whose narrative allows the listener to travel in a musical reflection on the traditions of Peru.

The first single from this album is titled “The Dark Wound” and it is a tribute to the guerrilla leader Micaela Bastidas. “I sing the dark wound almost as if it were a secret, with the same intensity and love for our history, I sing this song and I will continue to sing it… all the rhythm is here, there are no words”Baca said about this song.

Eva Ayllon Y Susana Baca will compete against the Argentine Pedro Aznar with ‘flower and root‘, Sandra Mihanovich for ‘Blessings’, the Mexican Natalia Lafourcade with ‘A Song for Mexico- The Musical‘, Paulina Aguirre with her work’the earth cries‘ and Síntesis, X Alfonso and Eme Alfonso for ‘Symphonic Ancestors’.

It is worth mentioning that it is not the first time that national interpreters are nominated in the Latin Grammy. Each one has known how to stand out with their own musical projects and they have won the hearts of all their fans who do not stop supporting them every time new awards arise.

'Urgent words' by Susana Baca. (instagram)
‘Urgent words’ by Susana Baca. (instagram)

Nicole Zignago was nominated in the category Best New Artist, where he will compete with great exponents of music from different countries. The singer has struggled to make her way alone, despite having had the opportunity to be supported by her father, G.ian Marco Zignago.

He studied music at the prestigious Berklee school, has written for different artists and has had collaborations with various international musicians such as Marco Mares (“La Ola”), Leonel García (“Miento”) and the Spanish Vic Mirallas (“Look back”). . He currently lives in Los Angeles, United States, but he always returns to Peru to be close to his family and his people, in addition to promoting the productions he launches.

Nicole Zignago will have to measure forces this November 17 with Angela Álvarez, Sofía Campos, Cande and Paulo, Clarissa, Silvana Estrada, Pol Granch, Nabález, Tiare, Vale and Yahritza and Su Esencia.

Nicole Zignago nominated for the Latin Grammy 2022. (Instagram)
Nicole Zignago nominated for the Latin Grammy 2022. (Instagram)


Susana Baca shares a nomination with Eva Ayllón at the Latin Grammys: “We will celebrate together”
Eva Ayllón grateful for the Latin Grammy nomination: “Congratulations also to Susana Baca and Nicole Zignago”
Eva Ayllón and Susana Baca are nominated for the Latin Grammy 2022 and will compete in the same category

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Eva Ayllón and Susana Baca: These are the albums with which they were nominated for the Latin Grammy 2022