Eva Ayllón tells how she composed ‘Stay at home’, an album nominated for the Latin Grammy 2022: “I was depressed and my son helped me”

Eva Ayllón was nominated for a Latin Grammy 2022 in the category of ‘Best Folk Music Album’ for her album “Stay at home”a production that he recorded in 2020 with the help of his son Francisco Ayllón.

This news took her by surprise and she confessed that she felt grateful for the consideration. However, she told how she was encouraged to Record a new album in a context like the pandemic.

“The title refers to what we had to live through. Due to the fact of having been locked up for so long, with a terrible emotional claustrophobia, with a terrible depression, with always a tear in the eyes, with the hand on the chest and the anguish of not knowing if we were going to be fine or if we were going to infect”, commented Eva Ayllón.

How was ‘Stay home’ born?

The Creole singer felt depressed because of the situation the country was experiencing and with the fear of getting infected, so it was his son who encouraged him to prepare something new to make families happy:

“I was very depressed and one day, as well as playing, my son Francisco called me to the studio (which they have in their own house) and told me: let’s see, mom, you who play the cajon, sit down and join me. Then he told me why don’t you play and sing something and that’s when I started singing a cappella. That’s where the idea of ​​making this album was born. Later, we were adding other songs until suddenly we made this wonderful repertoire, with very heartfelt songs, in which the voice, the guitar and a cajon could shine.

Eva Ayllón remembers that the first song they recorded for “Stay at home” It was “Arroz con concolón”, “each of the musicians from their homes, with the tools that we had at hand because we couldn’t get together. Then came ‘Último wish’, a song in which I play the cajon, which excited me a lot. Everyone has to know that I am a frustrated percussionist, Gigio Parodi keeps helping me with some things. I’ve stopped playing it for a bit because my hands hurt, but my intention is to keep doing it”.

The Peruvian artist, who in 2019 was distinguished with a Grammy for Musical Excellence for her prolific career, shares the shortlist for this new nomination with Susana Baca. “It is the first time that I share a nomination with Susana. The important thing is that we are compatriots, so the merits of both are credit to Peru. I consider that this single nomination is already a triumph. I must say that I am very happy and proud of the incredible work that she has been doing for Peruvian music,” says the interpreter.

Who are the Peruvians nominated for the Latin Grammy 2022?

In the Latin Grammy 2022the Peruvian singer Araceli Poma added a nomination to his career. Your group Afro-Andean Funkmade up of her and bassist Matt Geraghty, is up for best alternative music album thanks to their latest album, titled “The Sacred Leaf.”

Upon hearing this news, the 39-year-old artist shared a post on her Instagram account celebrating this achievement in the group’s career. “Afro-Andean Funk, the album we made together with music producer Matt Geraghty, is nominated this year for one of the most important awards in music, the Latin Grammys,” she wrote.

Poma referred to Eva Ayllon Y Susana Baca who compete in the category of ‘Best folk music album’: “They are artists who have paved the way. How important that Afro-Peruvian music continues to be known in the world (…) There are also many producers or visionary people who want to invest. in such a project,” he said.

The last Peruvian nominated for the Latin Grammy 2022 is Nicole Zignago for ‘Best New Artist’.


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Eva Ayllón tells how she composed ‘Stay at home’, an album nominated for the Latin Grammy 2022: “I was depressed and my son helped me”