For the most nostalgic: eight songs that turn 40 in 2023

2023 is prodigal in anniversaries and musical anniversaries and there are many hits that will celebrate no more and no less than 40 years. Time passes for everyone, even for music.

But, no matter how many years pass, there are songs and artists whose name will remain forever engraved in national and international history. Today, we go back to 1983 and We travel through those songs that presided over the great charts in that year, characterized by the rise of one of the first completely electronic musical forms in history: disco music.

[[H3:‘Every Breath You Take’, de The Police]]

‘Every Breath You Take’ is one of the most successful songs from the English rock group Police. This is the lead single from the fifth and final studio album of the band, titled Synchronicity. Written by the vocalist and leader of the group, Stingbecame the great success of 1983, topping the Billboard Top 100 Selling Singles chart for eight weeks

Thanks to this song, Sting won the Grammy for song of the year in 1984 and, The Police won the award for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group.

Magazine rolling stones situate ‘Every Breath You Take’ at number 84 on the list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

[[H3:‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’, de Cindy Lauper]]

Cindy Lauper is considered by many as uOne of the most influential pop artists of the eighties. One of the songs that catapulted her to fame was ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’, included on their debut album ‘She’s So Unusual’.

The record company Portrait Records released it on September 6, 1983 as the first single from the album and it became a true feminist anthem and a global hit.

Additionally, she received two Grammy Award nominations in the categories Record of the Year and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. Currently, she is considered a classic of culture and music of the decade.

[[H3:‘Barco a Venus’, de Mecano]]

Mecano, whose trajectory goes from 1981 to 1991, was one of the most important groups of the eighties. In the 10 years that Ana Torroja and Nacho and José María Cano they worked together, they offered, annually, new content to their audience, who adored them.

‘Make-up’, ‘The force of Destiny’ either ‘Child of the moon’ are some of his best known songs. However, if we have to keep one, a practically impossible mission, many would opt for ‘Ship to Venus’, published on April 16, 1983. This is the band’s sixth single, which was released as a preview of the group’s second album, entitled ‘Where is fairies country?’.

[[H3:‘Holiday’, de Madonna]]

Madonna ]]she is the great queen of pop, a global star who has jumped from decade to decade, reinventing herself, thus defying the passing of time and avoiding being eclipsed by the artists who have broken into the music industry over the years.

From the Madonna of 1982, when she began her professional career, to that of 2022, when she released ‘Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones’, 40 years have passed, and she has always managed to stay at the top, without giving up the throne of her reign. Both musically and aesthetically, has managed to influence numerous generations: sHis looks have always served as inspiration for other artists and for their audience and followers.

‘Like a Prayer’, ‘Like a Virgin’, ‘Crazy For You’ or ‘La isla bonita’ are some of their best-known songs. The successes of the 64-year-old American artist are endless. Among his great themes, ‘Holiday’, published on September 7, 1983, also stands out.

It is the third single from his self-titled debut album. This song managed to win the approval of the most critical and gain a foothold on the official list of the United States, BillBoard Hot.

[[LINK:TAG|||tag|||619ba6dad9613c0f8d526bc0|||[[H3:‘Let’s Dance’, de David Bowie]]

the chameleon David Bowie, who died in 2016 at the age of 69, masterfully combined ambiguity, talent and commercial hook, with the aim of influencing other generations of artists, with a provocative, enigmatic and innovative style.

The British singer built one of the most imitated artistic careers that raised him to the pedestal of music legends during his lifetime. An essential reference in rock culture and a virtuoso of staging, among his multiple abilities, his facets as an actor and record producer stood out. Furthermore, he was revered as fashion icon for her tendency to play with her imagenya provoke with their outfits.

During the 70s and 80s, his particular voice and the originality and creativity with which he impregnated all his artistic projects made him one of the masters of rock on a global level.

Among his artistic legacy stands out ‘Let’s Dance’, theme that gives name to the artist’s fifteenth album and that it was released as the first single from the album. It is one of Bowie’s best-selling singles, which entered at number five on the UK Singles Chart the week of its release and stayed at the top of the country charts for three weeks. Also, it reached the first position on the Billboard Hot 100.

[[H3:‘Perlas ensangrentadas’, de Alaska y Dinarama]]

The bands that stood out in the Movida Madrileña of the 80s have become, over time, gcult groups and timeless classics ofand Spanish music. Among them stands out Alaska and Dinaramaone of the most representative groups of the punk rock scene in Spain in the early eighties, along with other groups, such as its predecessor Kaka de Luxe.

‘Bloody Pearls’ is included, as the second single, within the albumDinarama’s debut album ‘Profane Songs’, released in May 1983. The theme was a true commercial success for the group, reaching number 15 on the AFYVE singles chart. In addition, it is one of the most representative songs of this decade in Spain.

[[H3:‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’, de Bonnie Tyler]]

Bonnie Tyler It is an icon of rock culture worldwide. With decades of her career behind her, the artist marked an entire generation with her songs, most of her very successful.

The great British diva has a stellar repertoire. possessor of a hoarse and scratchy voice, very characteristic, has succeeded with many of his songs. Among them, ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart,’ being the most successful and listened to of her entire career.

This song reached number one in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. In its heyday, sold 80,000 copies a day and approximately eight million copies in total, becoming one of the most successful songs of all time.

[[H3:‘No controles’, de Olé Olé]]

One of the great songs of 1983 and, in general, of the eighties is ‘No controles’, by Olé Olé. And yes, even if it’s hard to believe, it’s been 40 years since we heard it for the first time.

Is about a techno-pop song written by Nacho Cano, a member of Mecano, for the Spanish band Olé Olé, in 1983.

Performed by the original formation of Olé Olé and sung by vicky larraz, the song was a success, both in Spain and in Europe.

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For the most nostalgic: eight songs that turn 40 in 2023