“From Bellas Artes México”, Lila Downs presents a new live album

Lila Downs pays homage to Mexican culture with her latest live alum, “Desde Bellas Artes México.”

Photo: Courtesy: Sony Music

The nights of March 22 and 23, 2022 will remain forever. With two dates full of music, talent and a lot of magic, the singer, songwriter and anthropologist who has won 6 Latin Grammys and 1 Grammy, lilac downs filled the maximum venue of culture in Mexico with an emotional repertoire full of history, dignity and recognition for the roots.

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Both nights were recorded and now appear in “From Fine Arts Mexico”an album with which Lilac pays tribute to Mexican women.

The presentations of Lilac in Fine Arts were planned and took shape during the creative musical workshops held in the artist’s studio in Oaxaca together with “La Misteriosa”. They were shows where the artist made a musical tour with fine arrangements that combine the popular with the academic.

On these nights songs like: “stone seed”, “They are from Chile”, “turtle dove”, “mole cumbia”, “trembles”, “the martiniana” and unforgettable interpretations such as their versions of “Cucurrucucu dove”, “crybaby”, “black pigeon”, in addition to songs in native languages ​​such as “Tirineni Tsisiki” and in English as “Mirror” that were captured on the live album.

Lilac celebrated 25 years of experience with a show in which more than 70 people participated on stage, including dancers and musicians, including the Faro de Oriente children’s choir and La Misteriosa, a band that has accompanied the artist for 20 years .

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In addition, the anthropologist and composer was also able to be accompanied by great guests such as the multi-Grammy winner, Natalia Lafourcadethe most important tenor in Mexico, Javier Camarena, and the highly recognized poet, Mardonio Carballo.

“Being able to be here is a triumph for what my repertoire represents,” he said. Lila Dows remembering his first studies in his native Oaxaca. “My songs talk about the women who grind the mole, about corn, about migrants; about life that may seem marginal, but that today I have the opportunity to accompany the place that belongs to them”.

Aneiro Taño, renowned and award-winning audio engineer, who has been part of previous projects by lilac downs, is the producer in charge of this new installment. Taño, has been recognized for his great creative capacity, especially making a fair union between the great composers of concerts and popular music.

The visual part of the show was recorded in high definition video by Lila’s label, Sony Music Mexico. For both shows, the singer used Mexican textiles, one of them was a charro suit in cotton velvet, hand-embroidered on a frame in entrefino gold beading with cardboard and cloth reliefs.

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With this embroidered one, the singer takes up popular religious iconography and combines it with the charro suit, a symbol of Mexican culture and traditions in festivities such as carnivals. The elaboration of this suit was in charge of Andrea Valdés and it was carried out in approximately 480 hours in Zapotitlán, Tláhuac, in Mexico City.

“This is something that we prepare with great care and that more people deserve to see. It is a journey through my past, one that would not be the same without the beautiful town where I grew up, Tlaxiaco.” told the artist.

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“From Bellas Artes México”, Lila Downs presents a new live album