Grammy Awards: who are the Argentines who won it

The Grammy awards have been performed since 1959. Each season, the great artists of the music who stood out in different areas: both in the production and in the execution of a song or an album. 63 years after the first installment, in The uncovering we review the list of Argentines who won the award. Who are they and why were they decorated?

Along the history, Argentina had great music representatives who produced, composed or performed great songs that aroused great interest nationally and worldwide. In fact, in an area as prestigious as that of the awards grammys, there are many who managed to achieve worldwide recognition by of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States.

Yes ok There are up to 90 categories in the Grammy Awardsthe truth is there are only four that stand out above the rest: is about the album of the year, the recording of the year, the song of the year Y the new artist. But what is the meaning of each of these areas?

The Grammy Awards are presented by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States.

The most important categories of the Grammy Awards

  • Album of the year: the award is given to the performer and production team of the album that was released. In case the album has the collaboration of vocalists, they will also receive recognition.
  • Record of the year: the prize is awarded to the performer and the production team of the theme.
  • Song of the year: the prize is awarded to the performer and composer of the theme.
  • New artist: the award is given to the revelation artist of the year.

A curious fact to keep in mind, and not to lead to confusion, is that from the emergence of the Grammy awards were created the Latin Grammywhose awards are given by the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. In the year 2000 the first edition was produced.which usually takes place in the third week of November.

Without a doubt, the Grammy awards have a greater preponderance in the music industry because it reaches thousands and thousands of artists from all over the planet, so it is much more difficult to stand out and keep the long-awaited prize. Due to this reason, It is worth remembering even more all the Argentines who managed to stand out.

The Argentines who won the Grammy Awards

Throughout the 64 editions of the Grammy awards, there were more than 30 nominations for Argentine artists. The first to achieve it was Lalo Schifrinwho was recognized in 1964 for his fantastic jazz work “The Cat”: he received the award in the category of Best Original Jazz Composition. In 1965 he would get it again with the song “Jazz Suite on the Mass Text”. Later in 1967 and after the well-known theme “Mission: Impossible”received the recognitions as “Best Instrumental Theme” and “Best Original Score Written for a Motion Picture or Television Program”.

In 1974, “The Cat” Barbieri was recognized for his hit “Último tango en París” as “Best Instrumental Composition”. Meanwhile, in 1976the great Daniel Barenboim received the grammy award in the category of “Best Chamber Music or Other Small Ensembles” for interpreting the Five Piano Concertos, by Ludwig Van Beethoven, together with Arthur Rubinstein and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Believe or burst, Barenboim would win five more awards and would consolidate -until today- as the Argentine with the most awards: he has 6 statuettes and a total of 16 nominations.

In 1990, Baremboim he once again captured the attention of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for his version of “Three Sonatas for Violin”, by Johannes Brahms and together with Itzhak Perlman, in the area of ​​Best Chamber Music or Other Small Ensembles. In 1991 He received recognition in the area of ​​Best Orchestral Performance with the Chicago Symphony for interpreting John Corigliano’s Symphony No. 1. Three years later, in 1994, repeated the award for Best Chamber Music or Other Small Ensembles for the “Quintets of Mozart and Beethoven” in a work with other artists such as Dale Clevenger, Hansjorg Schellenberger, Larry Combs, Daniele Damiano. Finally, in the 2000won the Grammy Award in the area of ​​Best Solo Instrumental Performance for “Concerts for Winds”.

Likewise, another who managed to make history is sebastian krisproducer who from the beginning of the 20th century onwards won various awards grammys: for “Best Latin Pop Album” alongside Shakira (2001), “Best Traditional Tropical Latin Album” with Gloria Estefan (2002); “Best Traditional Tropical Latin Album” with Carlos Vives (2002); “Best Latin Pop Album” alongside Marc Anthony (2005); “Best Alternative or Latin Rock Album with La Santa Cecilia (2014); and “Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album” alongside Elvis Costello (2020).

Gustavo Santaolallaa historical of national rock, won two Grammy awards in 2003 Y 2008 in the area of ​​”Best Latin Pop Album”: the first was with the album “Cuatro Caminos”, by Café Tacvba; and then for the album “La vida es un ratico”, by Juanes. While, Jorge Calandrelli got four gramophones: in 2006 Y 2011 as “Best instrumental arrangements accompanying a vocalist”, along with Tony Bennet; and in 2006 for the “Best Contemporary Classical Composition” area, with Osvaldo Golijov; and in 2010 He won the “Best Instrumental Album” award for his work on Arturo Sandoval’s “A time for Love.”

In 2017, Rafa Arcaute received the award for “Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative” for his work in producing the album “Resident”from Rene Perez Joglar. And finally, in 2021another rock giant like Fito Paez He won the award in the “Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album” area for his work on the album “La conquista del espacio”.

Fito Páez, with the Grammy award he won in 2021.

The Argentine women who won the Grammy Awards

Martha Argerich made history in 2000: She was the first Argentine woman to win a Grammy. That year she received the award for “Best Classical Performance, Instrumental Soloist with Orchestra” at the 2005 received another for “Best Chamber Music Performance” and in 2006 repeated the award for “Best Classical Performance, Instrumental Soloist with Orchestra”.

Martha Argerich, winner of several Grammy awards.

Besides, claudia brant was also awarded in 2019 for giving voice to the album “Sincera”. On that occasion, the woman who worked on great songs by artists such as Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer López, Ricky Martin, David Bisbal, Barbra Streisand and Luis Fonsi, among others, was recognized for “Best Latin Pop Album.”

The most winning Argentines of the Grammy awards

  • Daniel Barenboim (6 Grammy Awards).
  • sebastian kris (6 Grammy Awards).
  • Lalo Schifrin (4 Grammy Awards).
  • Jorge Calandrelli (4 Grammy Awards).
  • Martha Argerich (3 Grammy Awards).

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Grammy Awards: who are the Argentines who won it