GRAMMY for the Cub

The sessions of the Tamaulipas Congress are going from bad to worse, a briefing is needed in this room to get the bad vibes out.
It is not possible that the meetings are canceled all the time, first because of the bomb threats and now, because Luis René Cantú, the “Cachorrito” of the past six-year term, fainted.
The PAN deputies have fallen into the “circus, rope and theater” as long as the initiatives that propose returning one hundred percent control of all dependencies to who is now in charge of the state executive are not approved.
It turns out, look closely, that he barely had 15 minutes after the legislators’ meeting had started, when the state president of the PAN also fainted.
I mean, according to him, he began to feel bad and in this way there was a whole uproar in the seat of the legislative power. The doctors and nurses arrived, they checked him and even checked his tongue, to see that he had this guy.
It was determined that he was transferred to the city’s High Specialty Hospital, but it was finally determined that it was because he suffered from high blood pressure.
Hopefully next time it won’t be because he was bitten by a fly and that’s why they have to interrupt the voting.
Everyone was watching in the distance and the “radio corridor” has released the sheep that pretended to be asleep and put together this whole show on wheels, just being malicious to be causing the session to be cancelled.
It has the record of being one of the most obese, lazy and unproductive Congresses that has been held in Tamaulipas and that should not be allowed.
It is necessary to achieve progress and give the corresponding results, there is no time to lose.
The matter is getting tasty and sooner or later, they are going to drop the little theater.
How do you see… We give him the Grammy for best performance… or not?
And now what next in Congress?

The Buenos Aires municipal president, Chucho Nader, gave his word that he would be paving Venezuela street and he kept it.
Yesterday afternoon he was in this artery accompanied by neighbors to give the starting signal for the corresponding works.
It is a street of more than 200 meters, to which the water pipe will also be renewed, so that its life can be guaranteed.
This sector already has very few unpaved streets, an important boost was given in this administration.
In total, Chucho Nader has paved more than 500 streets in the city and is going for more.

The mayor of Altamira, Armando Martínez, went to deliver works to the Diana Laura Riojas de Colosio primary school.
School that was benefited with the rehabilitation of the roof and the perimeter fence, for which they were very happy, to the extent that, yesterday, which was the inauguration, they brought a musical trio.
In addition, in gratitude, they organized a lunch to spend time with the first local authority.
Armando has been reaching all corners of the city that had been forgotten for many years, regardless of whether it was a school or a neighborhood, to bring down the backlog in which they found themselves.



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GRAMMY for the Cub