Grammy names Jennifer López the most influential Latina and the public protests: “That’s Shakira”

The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States named the actress and singer of Puerto Rican descent, Jennifer López, as the most influential Latin artist in history, unleashing strong criticism.

JLo was recognized because in her 30-year career she has had numerous successes in the cinema, while remaining relatively current in pop music, although she does not have any iconic or remembered theme and immediately related to it.

According to the academy, the ‘Diva del Bronx’ “has taken Latin culture to another level”, because she tours and receives millions of views on platforms such as YouTube.

However, the decision angered the Latino public in the US, which assures that López cannot be the best representative because technically she is not even Latina, since she was born in New York and is only a second-generation Puerto Rican.

Likewise, they have alleged that Jennifer does not even speak fluent Spanish, and for the same reason, she has almost no songs in that language, which should be the main requirement to name her as a “Latin artist”.

For many network users, the Academy’s decision is even racist, since they believe that Jennifer López is being selected only because she is the best known by Americans, because they do not bother to meet true Latin artists, since it meets the stereotype of how Latinos should look according to their imaginary.

On the other hand, they recalled that in this supposed success that the Academy claims, López has never won a Grammy, and therefore she cannot be the most successful artist in history.

In the place of the also businesswoman, the vast majority of network users proposed the Colombian singer Shakira, who writes her songs in English and Spanish, has won 3 Grammy awards and 12 Latin Grammys, and who was even in charge of the theme of a Soccer World Cup, in 2010.

In that sense, they also highlighted that, while López’s tours are limited to the United States, the interpreter of Monotony he does tour worldwide, and that he launches collaborations with other Latin artists, while highlighting the culture of his native country and has an aid foundation in it.

Another part of the public has proposed other artists who could also take Jennifer’s place, such as Cubans Celia Cruz or Gloria Estefan, one for being an icon of tropical music and her country, while the other was the first Latina to break into the US market.

At the moment, neither the Academy nor Jennifer López have ruled on the enormous controversy, and it is not known whether the first will correct its decision, listening to the public that it is supposed to represent.

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Grammy names Jennifer López the most influential Latina and the public protests: “That’s Shakira”