Grammy Nominated DJ Steve Aoki Gives A Sneak Peek Of His Electric Corner Of The Metaverse

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When it comes to Steve Aoki’s expansive career, “DJ” doesn’t even scratch the surface. Aoki is one of the world’s most sought after and traveled music creators, the founder of Dim Mak Records, a fashion visionary, and a published author.

If you attend one of Aoki’s 300 shows per year, you can expect awe-worthy stunts, stage dives, crowd surfing, and of course, legendary cake tosses. This electric energy has earned him an incredible community of fans and nearly 4 billion views. And while Aoki is most commonly recognized as a two-time Grammy-nominated DJ and producer, this jack of all trades is mastering more than just music. Regardless of the industry, Aoki constantly breaks new ground with creative vision, edge, and an “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” mentality.

His insatiable need to innovate has made him a force to be reckoned with in music, fashion, art and now the world of blockchain with his latest release of A0K1VERSE .

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What is A0K1VERSE?

Aoki’s newest project leverages the widespread adoption of blockchain and an ever-growing metaverse to take his community to a new level. This never-before-seen NFT (non-fungible token) led community of members is an intersection of Web3, Web 2.0 and IRL (in real life) experiences. As a tokenized social club accessed by NFT collectors, members earn rewards by participating in the A0K1VERSE ecosystem.

By redeeming A0K1 credits, members will receive a Passport that allows them to participate in different experiences in A0K1VERSE, from attending concerts to join to Discord, all focused on building a premium community. There will be concert tickets, early access to exclusive projects, metaverse experiences, private events, free apparel, digital wearables, and exclusive access to brand collaborations, including physical toys and digital collectibles. As members interact with the community, their Passport will be updated, essentially stamped like a real passport, to show participation and achievements in A0KIVERSE and partner communities. For citizens who want to get even closer, Passport upgrades can include Playhouse hangouts, backstage invites and more.

Giving us a sneak peek into the metaverse, Aoki describes how he’s bridging the real-life metaverse through his 16,779-square-foot Las Vegas gaming house. “I envisioned this house to be an art gallery-style funhouse and exhibit. A place where people can relax, be creative and feel connected,” says Aoki of his art-filled Las Vegas home that he features everything from foam pits to 20-foot murals. “With the metaverse, I can bring that experience to the masses. The digital playhouse is a destination where members can explore, create, watch virtual performances, and even hang out with me.”

Organizing a community-driven metaverse is just the beginning. “The A0K1VERSE is bigger than me,” says Aoki. “This is not just my world, but an intersection of all the worlds I am a part of. There are so many great projects that I have access to where I wish my fan base and supporters were involved, and now there is a way, ultimately, where we all win. It’s combining the value of relationships from my entire career, my music, my art, and my network.”

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Blockchain is transforming business at a fundamental level

While some artists may cling to the traditional format of creation, Aoki is ready to break the norm and unlock a new level of potential. When asked if he is alarmed by the rate at which technology is advancing, he says: “I think that limiting our use of technology can only limit the expansion of our minds. When we work with technology to create experiences, we allow ourselves to make something truly unique. I want those ‘never done before experiences’. I am on a mission to uncover these futuristic opportunities and bring them from science fiction to reality.”

In many industries, blockchain is changing the way businesses work on a fundamental level. Communities are also affected, and Aoki totally agrees. “When I used to think about the future, I always imagined this utopian world of science fiction,” he says. “But the reality is that the future is happening right now, right in front of us. It’s up to us to embrace all this new technology and work with it to improve creativity and connectivity. Web3 is all about inclusion. We can finally bridge that gap between artists, creators, influencers, and their audiences. Tokenization allows me to reward my biggest followers. All of my many communities now have a place to socialize. And that’s just a small part of what’s possible.”

Clearly unstoppable, Aoki is no stranger to NFT releases. The first, the Dream Catcher series, generated more than $4 million . He went on to co-create the first blockchain-based episodic series with Dominion X, partnered with Sothebys on its live-auctioned Contemporary Curated series, and recently partnered with legendary comic book artist Todd McFarlane to launch an NFT marketplace that allows creators to showcase and trade freely. original digital art.

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So how does Aoki keep so many moves ahead of him? “I’ve always lived by the mantra ‘by any means necessary,'” he says. “This has allowed me to stay focused on my goals. With dedication and a little curiosity, life is full of endless possibilities.”

Furthermore, Aoki does not shy away from the gamble associated with being at the forefront of these new technologies. “There is no greater risk than not taking any,” he says.

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Grammy Nominated DJ Steve Aoki Gives A Sneak Peek Of His Electric Corner Of The Metaverse