Grammys. Darío Barassi got fed up with the criticism and defended María Becerra: “Me at 22…”

María Becerra’s performance at the Grammys continues to make people talk. The infinity of criticism received by the young Argentine singer is opposed by the messages of support that were sent to her for having achieved something that, without a doubt, is a milestone: being the first artist from our country to sing at the most important award ceremony of the music.

Driver Darío Barassi got tired of the malicious comments that are still read on social networks and came out to support Becerra with a strong message. “Proud of what María Becerra has achieved,” he wrote, adding: “22 years. I was a virgin and used gel in my hair”.

Darío Barassi defended María Becerra (Photo: Twitter)

come on baby”, closed the tweet Barassi as a sign of support for the singer. And he was not the only one. His comment garnered more than 40,000 likes and 1,000 retweets.

Last Sunday, María Becerra was one of the musical numbers at the 64th edition of the Grammy Awards, in Las Vegas, together with his Colombian colleague J Balvin. Days ago, the Argentine star broke the news to his more than 8 million followers and caused a stir. “A while ago I wanted to tell you this and I couldn’t! I still can’t believe it!” confessed.

María Becerra’s show at the 2022 Grammys

The young woman shared the stage with nothing more and nothing less than John Legend, Silk SonicCarrie Underwood, Maverick City Music, Aymee Nuviola, Billy Strings, Jon Batiste, BTS, Olivia RodrigoChris Stapleton Y Rachel Zegler, among many other renowned artists. But her interpretation of “Qué Más Pues?”, the hit in collaboration with the Colombian reggaeton singer, took all the criticism. Although the spectators pointed out that Becerra did not resort to the technique of playbackThey assured that he went out of tune and that it was very noticeable how difficult it was for him to reach the highest notes with some air. In addition, the classic memes were not lacking.

Moni Argento, the popular character that Florencia Peña plays in the sitcom Married with children –a local adaptation of the American Married with children- It became a trend during the show of the Argentine artist. It is that there were not a few users who took care to cruelly point out the supposed resemblance between Becerra’s voice and Pepe Argento’s wife.

J Balvin, instead of taking María Becerra you would have taken Moni Argento because they sing the same”, maintained a user. “This is not María Becerra. The one who really showed up last night at the Grammys was Moni Argento.”, another wrote. “It really hurts because the fight is long ago and it took a thousand and one to get there, but without auto tune María Becerra’s voice goes to Moni Argento’s,” said a third party.

Criticism did not take long to appear in María Becerra's show at the Grammys
Criticism did not take long to appear in María Becerra’s show at the GrammysTwitter Capture

Another actor who took care of taking sides in the matter was the soap opera heartthrob Gonzalo Heredia. Through his Twitter account, a social network in which he is very active, he crossed the detractors of María Becerra with a message full of sarcasm. “Of course, of course, sure that beating a 22-year-old girl who sings at the Grammys takes you out of your mediocrity and makes you feel better about yourself“, wrote. And he added an ironic: “Winner”.

Gonzalo Heredia's response to those who criticized María Becerra
Gonzalo Heredia’s response to those who criticized María Becerratwitter @gonzaloherdiao

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Grammys. Darío Barassi got fed up with the criticism and defended María Becerra: “Me at 22…”