He started singing in the Church of Luis Guillón and now he got a nomination for the Grammys.

“The disproportion that God’s providence and his generosity have with us is incredible,” Athenas expressed in dialogue with El Diario Sur.

The singer assured that it is a “miracle” for her to be nominated for the awards: “I feel that it is a confirmation of all the work we do, I hope that this will serve to continue bringing music to more hearts and that it also opens the door to many catholic musicians”.

On your Instagram account @athenasmusica He has 241 thousand followers and his song Praiseworthy has almost 6 million views.


As for the impact her nomination had, she explained that even other singers were happy with her. “They are my friends, my brothers, they always respond with brotherhood and not with competition,” she remarked.

Although she spent most of her life in Luis Guillón, she is now in the United States with her husband, Tobías Buteler, who shares his music projects with her, and her recently turned one-year-old baby, named Elías.

Athenas has already toured to share her music around the world, but currently she only does concerts in the United States because she is dedicated to taking care of her son. According to what she told El Diario Sur, on October 1st she will perform in Miami.

“In November we have to go to Las Vegas and we did not plan that, and it is a place that is not characterized by being very Christian, but I think it is about bringing Jesus to each place,” Athenas said.

In addition, he announced that they are preparing a special album for Christmas: “They are traditional songs, I hope you like them.” On the other hand, he explained that the rest of his projects are for Lent next year.

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Athenas Venica is 30 years old and her beginnings in the Catholic faith were in Luis Guillón.

Luis Guillón and the beginnings in faith

“I have the blessing of having a practicing Catholic family, that for me is a beautiful gift,” said Athenas Venica, the Catholic singer-songwriter nominated for the Latin Grammys, in dialogue with El Diario Sur.

Athenas was born in the Federal Capital, but soon after her parents decided to move to Monte Grande. When she was 7 years old, she began to live in Luis Guillón, where she stayed until she was 19 years old. However, her family still never left the town.

The artist spent her primary studies at the Mariano Moreno Institute, located at Celestino Galván 1673, and her secondary studies at the Giúdici Engineer Technological School, at Av. Pedro Suárez 307.

“At the age of 15 I started the Community Confirmation Process (PCC) and it was super strong for me because I was able to experience God’s love and give him my gifts,” said the singer and clarified that she always liked to sing, but that she From this experience he embraced it as a vocation. She received the sacrament in the “La Anunciación” Parish, located at José Hernández 310.

She currently lives in the United States, in Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband and one-year-old son: “We moved after praying a lot, because it is a city with a lot of music industry where we feel we can grow more, and apart from that, our producer lives here. ”.

However, the artist noted that when she comes to visit her family she stays in Luis Guillón. “In a way, I still live there,” she explained.

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Athenas with her husband, Tobías Buteler, and their son Elías.

Athenas with her husband, Tobías Buteler, and their son Elías.

The Alpha and Omega album

Athenas Venica’s album nominated for the Latin Grammys is entitled “Alfa y Omega”. “It’s called that because we wanted it to have a Christian imprint, and we know that all things are for Jesus, from beginning to end,” the singer-songwriter explained to El Diario Sur.

As for the songs that make up the album, he stressed that they all have faith in common, but they touch on different edges such as the Eucharist and marriage.

When asked what her favorite song on this album is, Athenas replied “Ain’t I here?”: “It’s based on the words that the Virgin of Guadalupe addresses to Juan Diego. The idea of ​​making a song came from my husband. I thought, how is it not going to be beautiful if they are the words of María herself?

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Cover of the album “Alfa y Omega”.

Cover of the album “Alpha and Omega”.

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He started singing in the Church of Luis Guillón and now he got a nomination for the Grammys.