How does the voting for the Latin Grammy Awards work?

Not that nothing anymore! We are crossing off the days on the calendar because in a few days the Latin Grammys, which this 2022 celebrates its 23rd edition. A few weeks ago we met the list of nomineesamong which are numerous artists from our country, such as Rosalia, Alejandro Sanz and Pablo Alboran. But now it’s time to wait until the next November 17 to find out who will be the lucky artists who will return home with an award under their arm. To do this, the different productions have been subjected to a voting system that has ended up revealing the winners of the Latin Grammys.

The Latin Grammy Awards represent one of the recognitions most important, since they reward talent and achievements, both technically and musically, of the artists. In the early hours of November 17 to 18, this music festival will take place, in which numerous well-known artists from all corners of the planet will gather to make us enjoy an endless party and yes, also to make visible and reward the work of others fellow professionals.

We are aware that the Latin Grammy voting system always raises questions. For this reason, we have encouraged ourselves to resolve them by explaining in detail how the process is to choose the name of the nominees, but also of the winners.

In order to understand the process from beginning to end, it is important to begin by highlighting that the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences only takes into account those works that have been published beginning of June of the previous year and the month of May of the current year. Therefore, those that have not been published on these dates are left out of the evaluation list.

This could be said to be the first requirement to qualify for the long-awaited prize. Later, the artists together with their labels Submit your registration at the Latin Academy with videos and songs released within the established deadlines.

To ensure that each publication is registered in the suitable categorywhich is published on the stipulated dates and which could be perfectly worthy of this recognition, the institution brings together up to 100 industry experts to ensure that all the aforementioned premises are met.

After several weeks carefully examining and studying each and every one of the artists’ musical productions, one of the most special moments arrives: the list of nominees. How do they do that? one is made first round of voting in which the team of music professionals with a specialized platform registers their votes attending only the fields and categories for which they are considered “experts”.

In this way, this team of specialists votes even in a total of 15 categories plus those that are listed as General Categories: Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year and Best New Artist. In this phase there are also some specific committees that have been formed for this process and that are made up of voters from the United States and Latin America.

the final vote

After all this long process, the most awaited moment arrives: knowing the name of the winners. For this, the experts make their respective votes, which are added to those that the specialist committees have also made. Later, the Latin Academy counts one by one and from there the winners are extracted.

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How does the voting for the Latin Grammy Awards work?