How Rebelde’s ‘Celina’ looks after 18 years of the premiere of the telenovela

One of the most important productions in Mexico, RBD, has been invoking the curiosity of millions of its fans after the announcement of the ‘Soy Rebelde World Tour’ that will take place in 2023. About this, some of the lovers of the telenovela have wondered what is the life of ‘Celina Ferrer’. That is why in this note we will show you how she currently looks and what has happened to her life, among other information that you should know about it.


Rebel It was one of the most famous soap operas in the world and that after so many years of its release, it has aroused interest in its fans again thanks to the tour ‘I’m Rebel World Tour‘ during 2023 which was recently announced and which has been good news for lovers of this series.

The interest is such that many have been speculating about the characters that made up the soap opera, far from the protagonists, such as ‘Celine Ferrer‘, a student who constantly had self-esteem problems, since she was not satisfied with her body and was a victim of ‘bullying’; and that, in addition, she was the friend of ‘Mía Colucci’ (Anahí).

It is known about her that the character was played by the Mexican Estefanía Villarreal, who had previously ventured into television with the novel ‘Carita de ángel’.

After the success of Rebel, villarreal He had other roles on Mexican television, but none achieved the recognition that the youth novel had brought him. She appeared, for example, in ‘La rosa de Guadalupe’, ‘Como dice el dicho’, ‘Despertar contigo’ or ‘I don’t believe in men’ -the latter earned her a nomination at the TVyNovelas Awards.

18 years after the premiere of Rebel, Stephanie Villarreal reappeared thanks to social networks and looks completely different from when he played celina. This is his current figure:


Rebel is a Mexican pop group, made up of singers and actors Anahí, Dulce María, Maite Perroni, Alfonso Herrera, Christopher Uckermann and Christian Chávez, originally from Mexico City.

Rebel was formed on October 4, 2004 until their separation, their last concert being in Madrid, Spain on December 21, 2008.

In 2020, the band returned to music with Anahí, Maite Perroni, Christopher von Uckermann and Christian Chávez, four of its original members. Alfonso Herrera and Dulce María did not return for their reunion, generating speculation.

about the band Rebel It is known that, in November 2004, they released their debut album titled with the same name as the musical group. In September 2005, her second studio album, Nuestro amor, came out, receiving her first Latin Grammy nomination. In 2006, the third album, Celestial, was born, the first single from the album was the song “Ser o parecer” which was number one on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart.

Already for 2007, Rebel He released Empezar desde cero, being nominated again at the Latin Grammys, and finally in 2008, his latest album entitled To forget me.

Rebel achieved multiple platinum and gold records, he also toured the vast majority of places in the world, visited more than 23 countries and sang in 116 cities including concerts in world-class venues such as the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, The Los Angeles Coliseum stadium, Madison Square Garden in New York, United States, and the Vicente Calderón in Madrid, Spain, which made them one of the most prominent pop groups in the history of Hispanic music and thus also in one of the most important musical events in his country.

Rebel sold more than 15 million records worldwide and in the United States alone, the group sold more than two million records. According to Billboard, the group sold more than 1.5 million tickets, grossing more than $72.5 million on their tours.

Rebel He has received numerous nominations and awards at awards such as the Latin Grammys, Premios Juventud, Billboard Latin Music Awards, Lo Nuestro Awards and more.

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How Rebelde’s ‘Celina’ looks after 18 years of the premiere of the telenovela