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Rene Emilio Jaime He is 22 years old, but in the artistic world he presents himself as Emil, the cause. He was born in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, in Bolivia, and when he was six months old his parents took him to Lima, Peru, and he grew up there. And since 2020 he is based in Medellín, Colombia. From an early age he knew that music was his path, he studied communication and marketing at the university, but it did not convince him, he dropped out and began his preparation in what he really wanted, to be a singer, now dedicated to the genre. urban.

Emil, the cause arose in October 2020. In June 2021 he published his first song and since then he has been working as a singer. He got involved in the world of entertainment when he was 16 years old, exactly on television, in which he remained until he was 20.

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He was recently in Ecuador, it is the first time he visits Ecuadorian territory. On this occasion she arrived to promote her songs, mainly Restless, but he is already excited to return to sing. “The people are very, very cool, they have received me super well, they have given me a lot of love, I know that my theme sounds a lot here too Restlesstwo others had already sounded, Open minded Y cocktailsbut I already felt that I had to come to Ecuador, I had already done a media tour, but digital,” says the Peruvian, who considers himself a versatile artist.

Restless is the second theme of his minialbum called P3rreo 3mil, which is made up of three songs Under Y Yaper. “What I wanted to do with this mini-album, as I have been living in Medellin for a couple of years, was to get a little inspiration from what is happening there, the sound in the street. Medellin has really been active for more than a year, talking about the night, the party and all that, ”he explains.

With these new songs, he says that it is the first time that he presents a hard reggaeton, he had done it before but it was more pop, focusing on the letter that is cleaner and on another audience, which was the teenager; however, he is now seeking to grow his audience, for which he is using another type of language. “Obviously the letter is not so clean anymoreis a little more explicit, not explicit, but playing with that double meaning, but not without disrespect either”, he maintains.

“To all those people who don’t like the urban, all is well; if you don’t like it, don’t listen and listen to your own thing,” he adds.

Does working with “not so clean” lyrics ensure the success of a song, does it work for all artists? “It can work for all artists, but I think there is music for everyone, there are people who make this type of music more explicit, others who focus much more on the lyrics, that are cleaner, I think there is music for everyone, it is a niche for everyone. I don’t think the key to success for an artist is putting out that kind of music, but it’s how you feel comfortable, as long as the artist feels comfortable with the music they’re putting out. and that he feels identified with the music he’s putting out, I think that’s what’s important too, because in the end people feel. People feel if you really identify with that kind of music or not”, he replies.

“I make music and what inspires me, sometimes we have several meetings, people talk about a topic that could have happened to them in life, we listen and sometimes we raise it within the songs because that’s how I like to connect with people with things that could have really happened to one”, he adds.

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The Peruvian comments that urban music has evolved incredibly, after artists like Ivy Queen, Don Omar, daddy yankeeamong others, opened ground. “Today we are already seeing collaborations that we urban people are doing with Anglo-American people, so cool because we have seen that American artists are starting to sing in Spanish and we urban people are starting to sing in English,” he says.

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Through his music he has put his style, but beyond that, He considers that his differential is really that they know him as an artist who does not have poses, but that they feel close to him and that is why his artistic name as Emil, the cause. “Cause in Peru is like a friend, I am super transparent and I like to show myself as I am because it is my essence, so I think that is my differential,” he reiterates.

He has several commitments on his agenda for the coming months and one of them is that he will open the Farruko, Farina and El Alfa concerts in Colombia. In addition, he will soon have his first collaboration with a Peruvian artist and before the end of 2022 he plans to publish another song with the Colombian Philip Ariaz, who sang the song with Maluma. catin which Kapla and Miky and Blessd also take part.

Regarding the artists who are his references, he is precisely a Colombian, from Medellín, and it is about Feid. He indicates that performing a song with him would be fulfilling one of his dreams.

What one of his goals in his musical career is to win a Grammy. “I want to win a Grammy, I want to win even one, I would be happy winning a Grammy, that’s like my dream, my goal and I’m not going to stop until I achieve that,” he says.

Another of his dreams is to sing on big stages, among them, in Puerto Rico, at Madison Square Garden, in the United States, and in Europe. “I would like the first time I cross the pond to be with my music,” she says. (AND)

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‘I want to win a Grammy’, the dream of the Peruvian artist Emil, the cause, who was in Ecuador for the first time | Music | Entertainment